Why Guys Really Hate Being Called "Creepy"


At the heart of the ‘anti-creep shaming campaign’ is a concerted effort to discourage women from relying on their instincts to protect themselves from harm. Laying aside its likely etymology, calling a dude an ‘asshole’ is a way of labeling him a jerk. Plenty of people can be jerks without being predatory. On the other hand, calling a dude ‘creepy’ labels him as a potential threat; a creep may not be imminently violent, but there’s almost always a sense that he shows consistent disregard for a woman’s physical or psychological space. This is why, as Wakeman wrote, ‘it’s a really freaking dangerous idea to twist a woman’s open, honest communication about her boundaries/expectations into ‘creep shaming’ that victimizes men.’

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"I mean, honestly? Birth control is amazing. It makes my periods wonderfully lighter than my normal heavy flow, and if it keeps me childless to boot? Hell yeah. And so what if a newly conceptualized zygote doesn’t implant? Why is a not-even-a-fetus-yet-egg more important than my choices? Nothing inside my body gets to stay there without my consent. Not a penis, not a finger, not a dildo, not a fetus. The end!"

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If consent to sex is necessarily consent to pregnancy, then I demand that every couple who has sex but does not conceive must immediately march down to the adoption agency and adopt a child, since clearly you signed the contract before doing the deed.


Does this sound ridiculous? Good!

Because it’s exactly what Anti-Choicers sound like when they try and make this argument.

Consent to sex =/= Consent to pregnancy. Period. End of story.

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