Why the Reaction Is Different When the Terrorist Is White

“Hold the victims constant and give the perpetrator the last name Mohammed. Does anyone think for a moment that such an attack wouldn’t still be the most discussed story at Fox News and National Review? …

Attacks like his are disconcerting to some white Americans for a seldom acknowledged reason. Since 9/11, many Americans have conflated terrorism with Muslims; and having done so, they’ve tolerated or supported counterterrorism policies safe in the presumption that people unlike them would bear their brunt. (If Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD sent officers beyond the boundaries of New York City to secretly spy on evangelical Christian students or Israeli students or students who own handguns the national backlash would be swift, brutal, and decisive. The revelation of secret spying on Muslim American students was mostly defended or ignored.)      

In the name of counterterrorism, many Americans have given their assent to indefinite detention, the criminalization of gifts to certain charities, the extrajudicial assassination of American citizens, and a sprawling, opaque homeland security bureaucracy; many have also advocated policies like torture or racial profiling that are not presently part of official anti-terror policy. What if white Americans were as likely as Muslims to be victimized by those policies? “

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Standard Right Wing Propaganda


I try not to pay attention to these things but sometimes the stupid is so thick I just can’t resist.

What you have here is the usual deliberate distortion from the right. And it IS deliberate. It’s possible that the person who made this picture is actually so profoundly ignorant that they think this is accurate but I seriously doubt it. After months of the phrase “trans-vaginal ultrasound” being tossed around and the magical power of the internet that can show what that is as quickly as you can type it, I can only conclude that the point is to mislead gullible idiots. How else would a person confuse a regular ultrasound for a T-V ultrasound?

Just so you know, this particular picture was posted on April 21, long after the controversy started.

A further deliberate distortion is that liberals think abortion is “non-invasive.” This insinuates that we think it is no big deal. Nobody thinks this. We think it’s a traumatic and heart-wrenching decision to make but absolutely private and no one else’s business. Our goal is to make them safe and as rare as possible. Conservatives think pregnancy is a divine punishment for women having sex and want to do everything they can to ensure as many “punishment pregnancies” possible. Why else do you think they oppose contraception and sex ed so bitterly?

This is how the right debases political and moral debates in this country. Liberals says, “We want to keep violent criminals from buying guns” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban all guns.” Liberals say, “We want everyone to have access to healthcare” and a conservative will claim we said, “Kill the sick and elderly.” Liberals say, “America is open to all religions, not just Christianity” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban Christianity and the Bible.”

This is how people who are afraid to confront their own failings respond. Rather than simply admit their greed or fear or prejudice, they mischaracterize our positions to make it easier on their conscience when they oppose us. If conservatives would only be honest about their motivations, we could have an honest conversation but that will never happen as long as the political platform of the right is built on hate and anger.

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This woman, man. This woman. 

The horrible thing is that some people believe what she’s saying 100%. They don’t even see the discrepancies between her two comments. Lord help us all.

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Excerpts from The Conservative Teen




Come with me on an adventure, folks: into the amazing world of Conservative Teenwhere the white people don’t get any whiter.

Where musical theater turns kids to the Devil…

…and sex threatens to wipe out entire civilizations with its wanton vaginal gushing.

Where doggy style is just another liberal nod to Paganism…

…and Elmo’s environmental agenda is destroying young minds.

Where the main message sent to American teens is: MORE WHITE BABIES.

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council for making my day that much brighter.

And the history nerd in me just loved the piece on history. Did you know the Declaration of Independence is one of the building blocks of the US government? It was not written by traitors of Britain… The men who wrote the DoI committed treason against the British crown. Guess we skip over that part in US history when we claim the “founding fathers” were good patriots instead of traitors to Britain…


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See the Derrick Bell faux-troversy…
View Doonesbury here.


See the Derrick Bell faux-troversy…

View Doonesbury here.


Yeah, silly Sue!


Yeah, silly Sue!

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Question for liberals reply



Alright, thanks for the replies everyone. Didn’t mean to make you all mad, I just wanted to understand the liberal side. I’m cool with welfare for families that need it and are actively seeking work. I know the requirements, but it is an easy system to corrupt. Forget about statistics here because you can’t gather this kind. Use common sense- Don’t you think it’s the least bit odd that you have to get drug tests to have a job in this country, but not to collect money from those who have jobs and contribute to society? Seriously, I’d be fine with helping people who are not doing drugs. I admire the trust in this “honor system,” but wouldn’t it make all the sense in the world to require drug tests on the unemployed who go on welfare.

As far as OWS goes, I’m all for exercising democratic rights. However, this has gone too far. You might want to check this out- http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-01-29/occupy-oakland-protests/52871646/1. I’m sure that not all protesters use drugs, burn our flag, and assault people. But it’s disturbing how many are, and getting away with it.

Also, corporations create jobs and run this country. Attacking them and being paranoid about “lobbying” is just silly and un- American. Capitalism runs on competition and these corporations create global competitiveness and American superiority across the world. Why do people have a problem with our politicians helping them out? So what, they get paid. Good for them! It’s not undermining democracy at all. Corporations are made up of people, and those people are the ones helping our economy. We must get work ethic back in America because this system has always worked until this current epidemic of laziness and entitlement sense.

As far as poor people helping themselves, that’s not what I said at all. I think we the people must take responsibility and help them, apart from the government. My family is active in helping the poor. My parents donate to many charities and we help the poor through my volunteer activities, such as homeless shelters. This is actually caring for the poor. Unlike big government help, with its many opportunities for corruption, it’s actually showing them love as opposed to forced giving.

I’m just going to focus real quick on the part I bolded. This, folks, is spoon-fed conservative nonsense. OP, you asked liberals to explain corruption. But corporations paying politicians to look out for their special interests is just “creating competition”? And questioning that is UN-AMERICAN? Gee, I wonder why people say Republicans don’t care about poor people!

For real though. Having social programs (which every first-world nation has, including the ones with better economies than ours) is creating an “epidemic of laziness and entitlement” but openly supporting candidates who will let you pay less in taxes is just how capitalism works? Seriously? Seriously? Are you even listening to yourself?

Take your own advice and use a little common sense. Do you think we should drug test every person who gets tax breaks? Every person who uses public schools and parks and sidewalks? No? Then why should we only drug test poor people who use “taxpayer money”? HMMMM.

I love your “well you can’t gather statistics on this stuff” line. Actually you can! In Florida, when they started drug-testing welfare recipients, less than 2% of them failed. That’s lower than than the average level of drug use in our country, period. That’s not common sense — that’s reality. The truth has a liberal bias.


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"Disgusted at everyone saying we should have a party the night Thatcher dies. We need to wait 3 nights at the grave with stakes first."

Guy Aitchison.

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Some people don’t think Margaret Thatcher should have a state funeral. I do. I think it should be open coffin. We need to be sure she’s actually dead.

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ughgh so these ultra jesus freaks make their way onto my campus and draw lots of attention, at least 3 times a semester. no one can kick them off for preaching things like FAGS AND LESBIANS WILL GO TO HELL, FEMINISTS AND MUSLIMS WILL FEEL GOD’S WRATH, ATHEISTS, JEWS, LIBERALS, AND SOCIALISTS ARE UNFORGIVEN BY CHRIST’S LOVE, etc because its a public school. i mean of course the hobos around the university know that if they set foot onto the clean, climate controlled campus to take a break or get something to eat, UTPD will likely throw them into the street. but the westburo baptist-esque freaks are ok.


one of the things that irritates me is that these guys get attention. at least two dozen people always surround them. and it makes me uncomfortable because while some are there to troll and some are there to argue back, you know some are there because they believe that gay people and muslims are the scum of the earth. no one should be giving these freaks attention.

asides from that, my campus is overwhelmingly white. the one time i stopped and listened to these losers’ spiel, i tried to ask a question from the people around me and i was completely ignored. a white guy was politely arguing that with this jesus freak and whenever he’d talk, everyone would listen and the freak would respond. when i tried to ask him simple questions like, ‘what do you have against muslims?’ or, ‘doesnt jesus teach that you should love anyone regardless of what mistakes you think they made?’ or ‘what do illegal aliens have anything to do with the bible?’ the jesus freak would ignore me.

but everyone else would ignore me too.

and it was really frustrating, i am a fucking woman of color/ultra feministy/socialist/who likes other girls sometimes and has a million queer friends/a community activist/basically everything this guy hated, and shit no one in that crowd was encouraging, supporting, or even gave a damn about making eye contact with me. even the white men that were there to condemn this guy would flippantly cut me off and start talking over me, or would totally ignore me.

there was once i was near one of these jesus freaks and i asked a random girl, who was obviously south asian, something like, ‘what do these people give him any attention?’ and she laughed and responded instead of glaring at me and shrugging like all the white boys in those crowds.

but i think the worst moment was when this sorority girl (bubbly, blonde, white) made her way to the front of the crowd and burst into tears at how people like this jesus freak gave real christians a bad name. because jesus was love and acceptance, not hatred, and *ugly crying* i cant believe you would do this to your savior!! everyone looked so sympathetic and i went up to her and patted her shoulder because she was so upset. she gave me a really ugly look and ran away and all the white men got really riled up at how this guy had upset her.

even the jesus freak looked upset.

when i walked away, i kept trying to convince myself that the fact that no one had given a damn that i was clearly unnerved by this freak had nothing to do by my visible status as a woman of color. they had been supportive of the white girl, so why didnt anyone let me talk? i kept thinking oh it must be because i have a very small voice at times, and i am very small in stature, so it is easy for people to talk over me and not notice that i am speaking.

but ugh ya’ll know that had nothing to do with it.

because white hipster liberals will scoff at these extremists but when the face of who they hurt actually shows up and is visibly upset, it doesnt matter because you are just an over emotional minority.

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The Tory and tabloid attitude to getting a job no matter what, even if there ostensibly aren’t enough to go around reminds me of an anecdote my sister told me about university.

During a photography project she arrived to set up the exhibition space a few minutes late and there was no more mounting space at which point the tutor told her ‘well if you’d got here earlier you’d have got a space’ which led her to think ‘but then someone else would be without a space’. 

If there were 20 people on the course there should be enough space for 20 people. Even if everyone walked in the door simultaneously, bang on time, someone would have to go without in this bizarre system. 

As with job hunting, people should not be punished and labelled as ‘lazy’ for not ‘finding’ a job when there aren’t enough jobs to go around, even if everyone tried really really hard, went to 10 interviews a day and sent (*vomit*) flowers to their interviewers there would still be loads without a job because there just aren’t enough. 

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Face it. All of us know someone like this.


Face it. All of us know someone like this.

"I think in America from time to time we have to go through some difficult times — and I think we’re going through those difficult economic times for a purpose, to bring us back to those Biblical principles of you know, you don’t spend all the money. You work hard for those six years and you put up that seventh year in the warehouse to take you through the hard times. And not spending all of our money. Not asking for Pharaoh to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day, it’s slavery. We become slaves to government."

Texas Governor Rick Perry, explaining being freed from government slavery as the silver lining of the most devastating financial crisis since The Great Depression.

I’m sick of privileged, rich white men claiming they’re “enslaved” by taxes. Seriously? Slavery - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I really don’t know what to say any longer…

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