Racist pigs in front of a mosque in Aarhus this night - Denmark.

A small bunch of right-wing extremists dressed as pigs harassed at night the residents of a mosque in Aarhus.

Dressed in pig masks and armed with pigs’ trotters on a skewer and crusader shield, took a couple of former members of the strongly anti-Muslim group Danish Defence League yesterday late night allegedly in an extremely bizarre harassment action against a mosque in Aarhus.

The following photos are all placed publicly on Facebook, and according to Brian Djurslands (former division leader in DDL) comments so this is an action against a mosque in Aarhus last night.

It is unfortunately not managed to P77 to get in contact with the mosque tonight.

Under the name of Danish Resistance, the former members from DDL formed a new group, like Danish Defence League is trying to assert itself in public with strong anti-Islamic attitudes.

Danish Resistance, founded by the former head of the Danish Defence League Bo Wild Fire and Brian Greve Kjaer aka Brian Djursland. Both were in early January kicked out of the Danish Defence League, after disputes within the group about theft and rooted in the Danish Defence League’s economy.

The group Danish Resistance cooperate directly with the group Stop Islamisation of Denmark, led by right-wing extremist Anders Gravers from Aalborg.

Stay Wild Fire was last year convicted for breaches of racism paragraph 266b. This happened when he and another from the Danish Defence League postponed a mosque in Nakskov of harassment, the court condemned as racially motivated.

It is not the first time that Bo Wild Fire is behind an action where a pig plays the main role.

In 2011 buried Danish Defence League a dismembered pigs body in a mosque building site in Amager near Copenhagen.

Source - translated into english by me.

The Islamophobia is getting way too extreme in Denmark. In fact Anders Gravers the leader of Stop Islamisation of Denmark even went so far & said he wants Vollsmose (a ghetto in Denmark where there mostly lives Muslims) ethnically cleansed. I take such threats very seriously & I fear the safety for Muslim immigrants in Denmark. The Police & Media isn’t doing anything to stop such disgusting hate crimes.

My other half is horrified that the only way I can relate to Edinburgh is from the big anti-SDL rally I was at there a couple years back. I can only find my way around the city centre compared to where we got kettled and how we got out of it… But I tell you one thing, I’ve never been prouder of being part of something, than drumming the SDL out of Scotland. Seeing then being bussed out on double-deckers, each one sat next to a riot cop, made the whole day worth it.

There’s always revivalists, though. Last week a group calling themselves the SDL apparently notified Glasgow City Council of their intentions to march on February 25th. They claim 25 stewards for 250 people, but knowing the SDL it’ll be 25 stewards, 250 pigs, and about 5 marchers… And if we make the Antifa presence strong enough, it’ll leave them with another morning barricaded inside a pub before the police get fed up and bus them out to a dozen different train stations.

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