I just reblogged a “we are a culture not a costume” post, I never liked these when they came up on my other tumblr’s dashboard only a vampire one made me laugh very hard and was worth reblogging, but for the rest of them I thought they were over all stupid. They were trying to tell people that we are not allowed to appreciate and use things from another culture. Yes, there are people who are jerks but there are people who use things in respect and pure appreciation for another culture.

For a long time I used some African jewelry and people often told me I shouldn’t because it was disrespectful to the black people. What people did not know when they said this to me was that I may look white but I have African and Native Brazilian blood in my veins and I respect both cultures with great love, even more than I respect the culture that made me born with white skin. Skin is only skin, I could have been born with my grandmother’s black skin, I could have been born with my mother’s curly hair, I could have been born with native features, but I was born with my father’s family’s white skin and straight as fuck hair and it does not change the blood pumping through my heart. Even if I did not have African back ground I don’t think using African jewelry would be disrespectful if used in a way it was clear I was not mocking anybody.

Well, before you go around telling people how they should not use this or that because they have certain skin color that does not apply to the culture they are showing appreciation for ask about their family, you might find out how stupid you are when you realize people have a lot more in their blood than in their skin.

And if you say things like “you have this skin color so you can use or do this or that” to somebody in my eyes you are just a racist fucker. I’m sorry, but that is just what you are.