"The proletariat must have a well organised apparatus of self-defence. Whenever Fascism uses violence, it must be met with proletarian violence. I do not mean by this individual terrorist acts, but the violence of the organised revolutionary class struggle of the proletariat. Germany has made a beginning by organising factory “hundreds.” This struggle can only be successful if there is a proletarian united front. The workers must unite for this struggle regardless of party. The self-defence of the proletariat is one of the greatest incentives for the establishment of the proletarian united front. Only by instilling class-consciousness into the soul of every worker will we succeed in preparing also for the military overthrow of Fascism, which, at this juncture, is absolutely necessary. If we succeed in this, we may be sure that it will be soon all up with the capitalist system and with bourgeois power, regardless of any success of the general offensive of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat. The signs of disintegration, which are so palpably before our eyes, give us the conviction that the giant proletariat will again join in the revolutionary fray, and that its call to the bourgeois world will be: I am the strength, I am the will, in me you see the future!"

Clara Zetkin


(August 1923)

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Watching this has sapped my will to live or do anything.

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I’ve never been so offended in my life….

No amount of gifs are able to make me able to watch this beyond the 3-minute mark.

Like… “OH NOES! Under the rules of Halal, you say a prayer when you slaughter an animal! It’s like what the Jews do, but when Muslims do it, they say “PRAISE THE LORD” and that makes it EVIL!”

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