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Black men are not a fetish, they are wonderful, complex individuals, not big black mandingos or savage sex maniacs.

Using the ‘jungle fever’ shows how simple, and ignorant you are of the black man’s value, especially the contribution he can make to a sexual, but also romantic, emotional relationship.

If you use the term ‘jungle fever’ to describe your attraction to black men, basically you’re a dumbass and you don’t deserve a black man.

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Ashton.: Dear Non-Asian People: Yes, fetishizing Asian people is racist.




Apparently, this is still being debated. But let me outline it for you again:

1.  There’s a history of making “Asians” (as in, “people with dark hair, almond shaped eyes, whose ethnic background comes from one bigass continent) into one homogenous group. This is super racist, because, let’s be real here: despite what you learned in 7th grade geography, Asia is a big ass and diverse CONTINENT. NOT. A. COUNTRY.

2. In fact, if we want to be technical here, “Asia” includes parts of Russia and Turkey. Two countries which are definitely not grouped with the traditional “Asian” category. Why? Because they don’t look like a stereotypical Asian. And also, South east Asians (i.e.: Indians and other desi people) are considered Asian as well. Only, they’re distinguished and not what people automatically think of when they say “Asian.”  Sort of like how Eastern Europeans are considered Europeans but also somehow not. 

3. And while we’re on the topic, what are you fetishizing here? Because, as an Asian woman, I’ve heard really fucking racist/stereotyping “compliments” around three things: 

  • my eyes
  • my skin
  • my hair

And to be frank, saying “Oh hey, I love your eyes. They are so exotic” is no better (and actually, arguably, historically and politically more offensive) than a cis-gendered dude saying “Oh hey, I love your tits. They’re so womanly.” Because, bitch, who are you to define what “womanly” means? 

4. So then there’s also the ideology surrounding Asians and Asian fetishes.  For women, it’s all about “Oh, how submissive and light skinned and exotic, like having my own geisha kung fu princess jasmine harem girl all in one!”  Which is absolutely fucking ridiculous because it is like saying, “Oh yay, I get my own spicy señorita french kissing german milkmaid swedish model all in one!” Bitch. We. Be. Different. 

5. And also, let’s be real here: If your “fascination with Asian culture” basically means “I watch a lot of anime and masturbate to hentai and wish I I had a cute schoolgirl/effeminate school boy of my own to tie up,” you don’t have a fascination with Asian culture. I mean, for one, there IS NO homogenous Asian culture. For two, even if there was, there is no way that fucking Sailor Moon would be a cultural relic of said ethnic group. I am sorry, it is hilarious, but there is no way you can tell me that it’s somehow a gateway into the mysterious and exotic world of the Orient. 

6. That last sentence was sarcasm, by the way. Never ever use any of the adjectives I just listed above unless you want to get bitchslapped. No, not roundhouse kicked. We Asians reserve that shit for bigger issues.

7.  And Asian culture isn’t just sushi or kung pao chicken or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Like I said, saying “Asian Culture” is like saying “European culture.” What the fuck does that even mean?  Then again, maybe this is a bad analogy for Americans. I’m pretty sure that we’ve been conditioned to believe that every single European ever will speak fluent English in a French or British accent. Always. 

8.  That being said: fetishization is objectification.  It’s putting an ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP (which, by the way, shouldn’t even be grouped together in the first place because IT REPRESENTS A HUGE ASS CONTINENT OF DIVERSE PEOPLE WITH DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS) into one tiny little box and saying, “I like you because of my preconceived notions about what your culture and appearance should be.  I find it sexually exciting that you have a list of characteristics which are not only inaccurate, but also steeped in racism and oppression.”  

…So, long story short: Even if you think you’re flattering me, if you have an Asian fetish, YOU. ARE. BEING. RACIST.

If you are not part of said ethnic group: there is no such thing as a positive racial stereotype. 

This made me laugh because in the gay community there’s a tremendous number of Asian who REFUSE to date other Asians and will only date non-Asian men. How is this any different than non-Asians fetishizing Asians? In DC there’s a whole group called AQUA for gay Asians. As soon as someone brings around his new white boyfriend ohhhmyygodd the cat fighting and jealousy. Racism and fetishism exist in all communities, races, and societies. 

….You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and also need to look up terms like “internalized racism.”

Quite frankly, there is no way you can compare the pressure that Asians have in Western Society to NOT date other Asians.  Dating other Asians is promptly met with questions like, “Oh, so your parents set you up?” “Aww, so you guys speak to each other in Chinese, right?” “Oh, how big is his dick?” and “Oh, I bet you get up to all sorts of kinky Oriental shit, right?” 

Versus, the question I get for dating a white man? “Oh, so like, your parents don’t mind? THAT’S SO PROGRESSIVE.” 

That’s right: Dating a white person is seen as progressive. DATING SOMEONE OF MY OWN RACE IS SEEN AS RACIST AND ANTIQUATED.

Oh look, a big bitch slap of ironic reality.

PS: I notice you sort of disregarded my tag about rice queens, right? Was that an attempt to derail the conversation, white boy? OR were you seriously deluded enough to think you could insert this snark into a conversation about fetishizing an ethnic minority and it would be TOPICAL AND COGENT? 

For Fuck’s sake: this is why queer POC people hate the white queer movement. 

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No photos of Gackt?



But… He’s gorgeous…

My apologies, I’m just not into men who wear more makeup than I do.

But for those of y’all who like pretty mofos….

In terms of what people find attractive, to each their own. But subtly digging comments like “I’m just not into men who wear more make up than I do” is condescending, mean-spirited, and it’s aimed at both men who don’t fall into stereotypically masculine appearances and at people who find them attractive. I actually have a ton of issues with this blog. On one hand, it’s great that Asian men are getting attention and being seen as sexually attractive. That’s fantastic. What I DON’T like is that the owner of the blog is not only non-Asian, but also has professed their “love for Asians” many times. I talk a lot about fetishes that end up objectifying Asian females, but it’s pretty disturbing regardless of the gender. I’ve spoken to friends who have also experienced the Fetish, such as getting stereotyped as bottoms or submissive simply because they are of Asian descent.

Racial. Fetishes. Are. Not. Good.

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Gotta let him do it


Gotta let him do it

Racial Fetishizing Is Not Flattering


Ultimately, these attitudes cause a real problem for women of color. How are we to know whether someone is flirting with us because they have a genuine interest in us as people or because of their completely unfounded imaginary picture of minority women? Of course, there are plenty of men who fall into the former category, but the history of colonization makes it that much harder for women of color to pick them out. We are not exotic beings from another species; we are all human and all different. These racial stereotypes make us into interchangeable, replaceable objects with no personal desires.

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Bolding mine. Shoutout to my old “friend” who told me I had jungle fever and said he wanted some “tight, Asian, pussy.”


This kind of “expat” (because immigrant only means brown people, don’t’cha know?) disgust me. I can’t even articulate how much their existence is unacceptable.


This guy’s. Entire. Fucking. Gallery

All my head desks.

And I bet the guy’s blog is all “Why do girls only like assholes? I’m a nice guy, but I keep getting stuck in the friend zone! When will these women see that they owe me for being their friend?!”


This guy’s. Entire. Fucking. Gallery


All my head desks.

And I bet the guy’s blog is all “Why do girls only like assholes? I’m a nice guy, but I keep getting stuck in the friend zone! When will these women see that they owe me for being their friend?!”