Photo by gay Latino artist Manuel A. Acevedo

“…Brown Boys are not suppose to lovewe are simply born to fuck each other upand now that we are getting ready to this againI want you to hold meand pretend we are regaining everything taken away from usour dignity, our pride, our love for one anotherdo me with Justice…” (Acts Of Resistance)-Yosimar Reyes


Photo by gay Latino artist Manuel A. Acevedo

“…Brown Boys are not suppose to love
we are simply born to fuck each other up
and now that we are getting ready to this again
I want you to hold me
and pretend we are regaining everything taken away from us
our dignity, our pride, our love for one another
do me with Justice…” (Acts Of Resistance)-Yosimar Reyes

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the first South Asian LGBTQ hotline has been launched to help gay South Asians/Desi youths and their families.



This has already been launched on October 11. Please repost widely to the South Asian/Desi community in your area. Dhanyavad.


Announcing the Launch of DeQH!

a Desi lgbtQ Helpline

On National Coming Out Day, Thursday, October 11th, 2012, a coalition of South Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) organizations and individuals in the U.S. will launch DeQH, the first South Asian LGBTQ national helpline.

DeQH offers free, confidential, culturally sensitive peer support, information and resources by telephone for LGBTQ South Asian individuals, families and friends around the globe. The intent is to provide a safe and supportive ear for callers to share their concerns, questions, struggles or hopes through conversations with trained LGBTQ South Asian Peer Support Volunteers.

Callers can reach the helpline at (908) FOR-DEQH (908-367-3374 8pm-10pm on Thursdays and Sundays, Eastern Standard Time [5-7pm PST].  Days and times will expand over time.

For general information, check out www.deqh.org and contact deqh.info (at) gmail.com.

DeQH is a collaboration of South Asian LGBTQ groups and individuals around the nation including AQUA North Carolina, Hotpot! in Philadelphia, SALGA NYC, Satrang in LA, and Trikone San Francisco. Please contact us if your group is interested in joining our effort, and/or if you are interested in becoming a general volunteer or would like to be trained as a peer support volunteer.

DeQH operates with support from NQAPIA. Trikone is a fiscal sponsor of DeQH.

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This was the cartoon published in a popular nz newspaper today, after a 80:40 vote in favor of gay marriage being legalized. *gets popcorn*follow for the best atheist posts on tumblr


This was the cartoon published in a popular nz newspaper today, after a 80:40 vote in favor of gay marriage being legalized. *gets popcorn*

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Resources and support groups for LGBTQ Muslims



On tumblr:

  • Queer Muslims - A space for queer Muslims to connect, express themselves and share resources. (A real treasure trove of articles, links and book reviews). 
  • I am not Haraam project - a blog for LGBTQ Muslims to celebrate their identities and share their experiences.

Source: the website of the Safra project based in the UK. The full list (which also includes resources not solely targeted at Muslims can be found by clicking here.) However, below is a list of the resources specifically targeted to Muslims.

  • Imaan - UK based
    A social support group for Muslim lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender, those questioning their sexuality or gender identity and their friends and supporters.
    Website: http://www.imaan.org.uk/ 
  • Safra Project- UK based
    A Resource Project working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual. trans, queer and questioning women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally.

    E-mail: info@safraproject.org
    Website: http://www.safraproject.org

    Listserve-dealing with issues concerning lesbian, bisexual and transgender women that identify as Muslim religiously or culturally.
  • Safra Project Social Group- meets monthly in the UK, check website events notice for dates and venues.
  • Salaam Canada
    ‘Salaam: Queer Muslim community’ is a Muslim Identified Organization dedicated to social justice, peace and human dignity through its work to bring all closer to a world that is free from injustice, including prejudice, discrimination, racism, misogyny, sexism and homophobia.
  • The Inner Circle
    The Inner Circle strives to reconcile sexuality and faith, and foster friendship through a positive peer group for gay, lesbian, transgendered and other sexually marginalized persons particularly of the Muslim community, as well as persons of other religions or cultures who experience similar or related challenges, and all those who support our aims.
    They provide information through news/events, articles, discussions and life-orientation. They also have experts and qualified voluntary workers to deal with your queries and counseling, assisting individuals in reconciling their faith with their sexuality and dealing with other sexually related issues.http://www.theinnercircle.org.za/ 
  • BiMuslims 
    An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as bisexual or who may be questioning their sexual orientation. Anything relevant to the bisexual Muslim community can be discussed on this forum. It is intended to be a safe space for Muslims who are bisexual and who want tomeet other Muslims who are also bisexual.
  • Muslim Gay Men
    MuslimGayMen is a group for Muslim gay men and their friends and allies.
  • Partners of LGBT Muslims
    To bring non-Muslim partners (who are in relationships with Muslims) together to discuss issues of common concern.
  • TransMuslims (need Yahoo sign in)
    An email discussion group for Muslims who identify as transgender, and for those that consider themselves gender variant. This includes anyone that identifies as an MTF (male to female) or an FTM (female to male). Issues of relevance to the Trans Muslim community are welcome on this list, including gender identity, issues of gender socialization in Islam, sex reassignment surgery, and Islam’s views towards transgendered people.
  • Queer Jihad
    A web site devoted to the needs of GLBT Muslims. Website:http://www.well.com/user/queerjhd/
  • Queer Muslims
    Resources for GLBT Muslims. Has information about Islam and Transsexuals.

This needs a LOT more notes. Signal boost this people. This is important.

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Straight people apparently aren’t invited to the party.

Even Google fucking gets it.

*fistbumps Google*





Straight people apparently aren’t invited to the party.

Even Google fucking gets it.

*fistbumps Google*

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(…blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit)



I was discussing this issue with a homophobic Christian the other day, and they told me that for guidance on the issue, I should look to the apostle Paul.  Their logic essentially boiled down to: “Ignore Jesus because he never said anything that supports my irrational hatred of gay people.”


I was discussing this issue with a homophobic Christian the other day, and they told me that for guidance on the issue, I should look to the apostle Paul.  Their logic essentially boiled down to: “Ignore Jesus because he never said anything that supports my irrational hatred of gay people.”

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“I think Arcade Gannon is the best “gay friend” i never had IRL”
img source

Best “gay friend” or “gay best friend” ?
Either way… Seriously?


“I think Arcade Gannon is the best “gay friend” i never had IRL”

img source


Best “gay friend” or “gay best friend” ?

Either way… Seriously?




Newsflash. Yes you are.

Id say your VERY fucking homophobic

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FACT: When a gay man has anal sex rainbows come out of their unicorn’s ass.



Upon becoming a registered gay man you are assigned a unicorn. 


The Situation


I want to know if I am correct about this.

So, its correct to say that 

-whites have privilege over POC

-straight people have privilege over homosexuals/gays/queers/trans

-and men have privilege over women

Because being straight white and male is usually a fucking positive in society.

So, I have privilege that gays do not have.

I can get married.

I can be completely open about my relationships with men. Because its considered normal. 

When I go to movie theaters or watch TV, most of the shows are about straight relationships and straight families with straight people.

And if there are homosexuals in those shows, they are usually heavily stereotyped.

SO! If I am correct, the situation is—-me, myself—-I understand that there are things about homosexuals that I know NOTHING ABOUT. That I dont understand and that I may be shocked to find out. 

I understand that homosexuals experience things that I could not even fathom, because I am not gay.

Now I have two choices.

1. I can learn and listen and be understanding, supportive and caring about Gay Rights.


2. I can freak out and call every homosexual I know a heterophobic asshole for calling me a BREEDER. Because thats discriminating against me being straight. I cant help being straight. I never CHOSE this lifestyle.

Now, lets take this situation, and assess how incredibly pathetic and hilarious #2 is.

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Rice Queen?



I think not.

I actually take extreme offense to this term, solely because the guys who live up to this definition are so vastly different than myself. It’s no lie that I prefer to date Asian men. But unlike the rice queens who simply want to “add another notch to their bed post” as someone on Tumblr so elegantly put it, my preference runs far deeper than the superficial and physical. I am a Japanese major. No I’m not some “Weabo” white boy who thinks that he’s Japanese, or dresses up as some nerdy anime character and pretends to know everything about the culture. Actually, my fascination with Japan runs much deeper than the pop culture boom that has afflicted America in the past couple decades. While my initial attraction to Japanese was admittedly through Sailor Moon and Pokemon as a child, it quickly ran much deeper than that.

In my hometown there was a Japanese flower shop called “Hisa’s Flowers and Gifts”. Over the years from a very young age, Hisa would become a close friend of mine. I would ride my bike over after school for some Ramune, and ogle the treasures from the Far East. Something seemed to feel right, something felt comforting looking at the art and nick nacks that lined the walls. This fascination and relationship would help shape my young mind and instill in me values and beliefs that are inherently stronger in Asian cultures. Something I hope to find in my partner in return.

I have a very different feeling for life, a deeper, more retrospective perspective than most Americans can grasp. I’m highly romantic, loyal, devoted, disciplined, and overall just have a sense that “clicks” well with Asian cultures, specifically Japan. When I lived in Japan I remember feeling for the first time I truly felt “at home”. I feel a large part of myself is at heart, inherently a mix of these two cultures through my upbringing and introduction at a very young age into Asian cultures. My friends often joke that I’m more “Japanese” than I am “Gay”. I am after all a Japanese major who lived and studied in Tokyo, have a myriad of Japanese friends across the globe, and was vice president of Temple’s Japanese Student’s Association. There is a part of me that other ethnic groups just can’t understand. I want to be with someone who can understand me fully, and not just my everyday American side.

Asian cultures are one of the few cultures that have preserved their everyday traditions and cultural norms. These are norms that focus heavily on respect, unison, and discipline. I am drawn to these traits. While this may seem like an unfair generalization I find most Americans in our individualistic culture to be disrespectful, lazy, and out for their own selves. That’s not a diss on America, just an observation I’ve made in recent years. I also enjoy learning more about these cultures as I find them interesting to begin with.

Admittedly, I tend to find Asian guys carry a “Nice Guy” sense about them. Unlike most people who seem to be drawn to assholes and jerks, I honestly want to find that one “Nice Guy” who I can truly make happy. Who I can make me happy in return. I honestly find guys of this ethnicity generally more able to…well, love.

Yes, another part of it is Asian guys, at least the majority of my friends, on some level tend to be dorks. I’m a huge dork. I play Pokemon, I read/watch Sailor Moon, and I love Mario Kart to a sick extent. I would require my boyfriend to do the same on some level.

Call it Yellow Fever, Rice Queen, or whatever you may, but I just wish to find someone who I can love deeper than they ever imagined possible, who I can hold every morning knowing that I “get them” and who can understand me fully in return. Is that so bad? I think not, and when explained in this light I think people tend to understand. So to my future everything, I didn’t fall in love with you because of how you look, but for the heart and soul that you posses, which perfectly meshes with mine.

Let me repeat what you just wrote, as an Asian person would hear it.

“I am white. Really fucking white. Soooooooo white. But I hate white people! I do not ally myself with that mundane culture! No! Instead, I am an aficionado and expert on all things Asian. I have studied Japanese culture, and therefor, qualify as not being racist. I really, REALLY love anime and video games and clearly that is an Asian-oriented trait and so I need an Asian boyfriend to have a really authentic boyfriend. I have objectified and belittled Asian culture into three huge stereotypes as if all Asian cultures are still this traditional. Because western culture is just so….passe. White guys aren’t exotic enough for me. I need an Asian boyfriend, because I think Asian is clearly a personality trait. Exotification? No! Sexotification! I find you sexy and beautiful for cultural traits and personality traits which I have ascribed onto you, simply by virtue of your ethnicity. I know sooooo much more than you do about your culture! I am the embodiment of cultural appreciation! I have yet to come to terms with my white privilege and completely irrational objectification of a huge myriad of cultures and diversity. But it’s sweet, really, because I think of you as a Far East treasure.

….would you like some green tea while we play Pokemon?

Yeah… This would be creepy if it wasn’t so pathetic.

# Days since last promenant homophobe was caught in a gay sex scandal:

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The clock is ticking-If you have not already filled in an electronic or paper response to the equal marriage consultation then please do so! Please either:

Fill in the respondents information for a letter to the Scottish Government. Clicking here will take you to the letter.


Complete the consultation form. Clicking here will take you to the consultation form

Please help! There is only a couple of days left, and there has been a large negative response that have made themselves heard. We need your help. Please reblog once you’ve filled in a form if you can too.

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