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Why is Glee considered the pinnacle of LGBT television?


I’ve seen biphobia, transphobia and homophobia in it already. Homophobia towards gay women though, so it’s ~quirky~, right?

Yanno, combining this with racism, sexism and some ablisim. Wow. This show isn’t a shining example of anything

Fuck the po-GLEE-ce!

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What I see in popular culture, and even in some people I know



Is this wave of people just raving about Gay Rights and Gay Equality and the LGBTQ community.

They take things like New York legalizing same sex marriage as this huge victory (I believe it to be an amazing step and a victory). And they view programs like Glee and super stars like Lady Gaga as these safe heavens for queer youth. And I just don’t buy it.

Is it awesome that on one of the popular television series in the world we saw two boys kiss? Yes, it is. Is it cool that there seems to be no “Q” or “T” at all? 

Is it cool that Lady Gaga is hailing Gay equality? Yeah, that is. It it cool for her to appropriate others cultures? Nope. It is cool for her to make transphobic remarks? Nah.

I know acceptance and equality are all cool subjects right now. But There are so many people being pushed aside still. How about maybe the first time a Trans Woman was showed in their full self in popular media it was used as a site gag. 

How about the ever lasting amount of Slut Shamming? Sexism? Racism? We see from friends and family. and police. and governors. and politicians.

Why can’t we convince people who are jumping on the equality bandwagon to understand that Queer kids are not the only ones being oppressed and marginalized?