[Trigger Warning: Racism, Islamaphobia, Homophobia] Fuck You.



I hate niggers [fuck welfare], I hate towel heads. I hate fucking gay people, I hate abortion, I hate peace, I hate interracial relationship, I am a christian.

So fuck all of you and all of your shitty bullshit.

1. Niggers ruin the states buy making it shitty with gangs and having tons of kids to have welfare. Get a fucking job, for the people who aren’t capable of getting job and are disabled, be on disability welfare shit, is what I think.

2. Towel heads will kill us. Lol.

3. I am a CHRISTIAN, It is not right, and I think it is really fucking gross.

4. Every child deserves a chance, but I really don’t like black kids…

5. FACT: We will never be at peace.

6. Interracial relationships are gross, and it just shouldn’t happen…

7. FUCK You stupid shits, I am not a very perfect christian, but I repent and what not, I haven’t read the bible, but I know God is real. He has made miracles to me and nothing could ever change that.

I think this is appropriate.

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Fox News headline vs. Real Headline of the day.

I don’t usually contribute my personal opinion to posts on RFN, but explode? Fox, you take a perfectly acceptable headline on an article about Muslim Americans and change the word “grows” to “explode?” EXPLODE? What kind of fucked up xenophobic, Islamaphobic, word association bullshit is that? This should be removed from the Fox Nation site immediately.

Explodes. That’s a nice action verb which I’m sure they meant absolutely nothing by. T_____T

"In the American media coverage of the uproar after the release of the Abu Ghraib photos, one of the only references to race was fleeting and dismissive, midway through a Wall Street Journal opinion piece on May 3: ‘So far the alleged grotesqueries are more analogous to the nightmares that occur occasionally at American prisons, when rogue and jaded guards freelance to intimidate and humiliate inmates. The crime, then, first appears not so much a product of endemic ethnic, racial, or religious hatred, as the unfortunate cargo of penal institutions, albeit exacerbated by the conditions of war, the world over.’

That essay, by the Hoover Institution’s Victor Davis Hanson, typifies media denial of what’s happening in the hellish American cells populated so disproportionately by low-income blacks and Latinos. In the world of the Journal editorial page’s convenient fantasy, guards ‘occasionally’ choose to ‘freelance to intimidate and humiliate inmates’. In the world of prisoners’ inconvenient reality, guards frequently intimidate, humiliate — and brutalise.

Media denial lets the US military — and the US incarceration industry — off the hook."

Norman Solomon, This War and Racism (via darkjez)