A black Louisiana woman was set on fire by 3 white men wearing white hoods. The men spray painted "KKK" on her vehicle....



Authorities are on the scene at Civitan Park in Winnsboro where it is believed a young woman was attacked Sunday evening.

Sharmeka Moffitt called 911 about 8 p.m. and told police she was attacked and burned by three men wearing hoodies, authorities said during a news…

Dear white people,

Do you still think Black people are making this shit up?

Its real, folks. Black Southerners tend to remember this shit better than others.

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"So like, just to point this out though: it pretty much seems like a whole hell of a lot more conservative white people, like the KKK, win first amendment cases. Or, to put it differently, it seems that, looking at the case law, you are far more likely to lose a first amendment case if you are Black with a white victim versus white with a Black victim. I don’t care what your political bent is; make of that what you will."

My first amendment constitutional law professor on 1st amendment fighting words cases (via lightspeedsound)

Un American


Dear NAACP, KKK, Urban League, etc…,
Although your organizations has served your purpose in the past, I’m here to inform you that your services are no longer needed. No more do we need organizations that practice separatism to speak out and protest against the same type of behavior that you yourselves practice. Far removed are we from the titles of White American, Black American, Latin American, for I bear the title Proud American. So, please stop trying to make yourselves remain relevant by over stepping your bounds, prematurely accusing people of wrong doing, and bringing up issues that were resolved years ago. The time we stop being separate on our own accord, we will see the economy work the way it should, lesser tension with those that volunteer to serve and protect, and a more harmonious and united United States of America!

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Ku Klux Klan poster, “Negroes Beware, Do Not Attend Communist Meetings,” Birmingham, Alabama (1933)

The fuck?



Ku Klux Klan poster, “Negroes Beware, Do Not Attend Communist Meetings,” Birmingham, Alabama (1933)

The fuck?

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"You don’t have to be in the KKK to be racist…"

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[TW for Racial Slur]


The Leadership Blog: “No Niggers Please” Sparks a Revolution at MSU




I am blogging you to inform you, if you have not been informed already, about the several racial incidents that have occurred on campus during this past week. 

1) On Wednesday of last week,  The phrase “No Niggers Please! :)” was written on the outside of a black girl’s dorm room door erase board. The girl, who was extremely in shock, was moved across campus within a hour by the Hall director. 

2) A few days later, a black doll was found in the Bio-medical Science Building hung by a homemade noose, made out of green Mardi Gras beads. 

Several other racial slurs and terms have been vandalized on walls in several residence halls during this week and according to students the faculty in the buildings wash the slurs away and refuse to do anything about it. 

A week after the first incident, today, the President of Michigan State University sent a campus wide email generally informing all students about the racial incidents that have been occurring. She then proceeds to say that she supports the first amendment right even though it may offend most people. The email showcased no compassion or remorse towards any of the students that were attacked. 

Tonight, the Black Student Alliance, held an Emergency Town Hall meeting entitled “Stop Racism”. Hundreds of students of all different races, though mainly black, came together to discuss the incidents that were going on campus, share testimonies and experiences with racism on campus, and lift their voices to hopefully spark a revolution; and yes a spark was created. 

The energy within the meeting was historic. I just want to share one quote with you by the opening speaker: 

“If action is not taken then we will shake this campus to its core with our voices.”

All Multi-Racial groups on campus are saying “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and I’m happy to say that a Revolution is approaching.

Wow, what a shitty president. And why did that girl have to move but no investigation as to who did it took place? What an unsturdy learning situation. My heart goes out to ya’ll for having to deal with that!! If you need support in the form of letters saying this is an outrage or anything along those lines, let the word by known!! Shake that campus if you have to.

Hate speech isn’t free speech. I bet the same university president wouldn’t be so quick to encourage first amendment free speech against them.

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