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Still relevant.

"Libertarians are incapable of being a racist because racism is a collect assigned idea - you see people in group. A civil Libertarian like myself sees everyone as an important individual. “It’s not the color of their skin that’s important” as Martin Luther King said. What is important is the character of the individual. You know what is really interesting, though, because this might be behind this, because I, as a Republican candidate am probably getting the most number of Black voters and Black supporters."

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Is he serious?

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Tom Tomorrow, “Libertarian Think Tanks.”

This is so fucking true.



Tom Tomorrow, “Libertarian Think Tanks.”

This is so fucking true.

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"Oddly, one never hears Republicans praise those countries where people are lucky duckies — those where taxation is a small fraction of what it is here."

I’d Rather Be an Unlucky Ducky
Bruce Bartlett 

Equatorial Guinea: According to the Republican-leaning Heritage Foundation, those who live in this small country in sub-Saharan Africa are lucky duckies indeed. Because of recently discovered oil deposits, the citizens of Equatorial Guinea pay less than 1 percent of the gross domestic product in taxes. The comparable figure for the United States is 26.9 percent of G.D.P., according to Heritage.

However, Equatorial Guinea doesn’t seem to be a very pleasant place to live. The people are poor and have little freedom. Heritage says that “persistent institutional weaknesses impede creation of a more vibrant private sector” and “the rule of law is weak.” This sounds suspiciously as if government is too small to do its job properly. But I’m sure that the citizens of Equatorial Guinea don’t mind having a dysfunctional government; after all, they’re lucky duckies.

Myanmar: The people who live in this small country in Southeast Asia are also lucky duckies, if not quite as lucky as those in Equatorial Guinea. According to Heritage, taxes in Myanmar are 3 percent of G.D.P.

Oddly, this also doesn’t sound like someplace one would want to live. Heritage says “longstanding structural problems include poor public finance management and undeveloped legal and regulatory frameworks.” Apparently, the government doesn’t protect property rights very well, the infrastructure is poor, and there is a lot of corruption. But at least the people get to keep almost all their earnings.

Libya: Why the people revolted in this North African fiscal paradise is a mystery. According to Heritage, government revenues are just 3.4 percent of G.D.P.

ChadHeritage says the people of this African nation pay just 5.3 percent of G.D.P. in taxes. But for some reason, the nation is mired in poverty. Perhaps because, as Heritage says, “the efficiency and quality of government remain poor.” I wonder why.

Republic of Congo: The people of this country in Africa also pay 5.3 percent of G.D.P. to the government. But it is also very poor. Heritage says a key reason is “the government has failed to provide basic public goods and infrastructure.” This doesn’t really make much sense by the logic of Republican candidates, who seem to agree that all government spending is bad unless it goes to the Defense Department and that public works are nothing but worthless pork.

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This, to me, is pretty much a direct refutation of the Anarcho-Capitalist school of Libertarianism.  According to the popular wisdom of that school, minimal regulation and taxation should be causing these countries to thrive.  And yet their standard of living compared to 1st-world countries with strong central governments is abysmal.

With that being said: you could very reasonably make the argument that the minimal governments of these countries are nonetheless oppressive and larcenous, so what little wealth is accumulated in the market tends to be appropriated by the elites.  But the question then becomes *how* that wealth is being appropriated; is it through official channels?  Then it would show up as taxation.  Is it through thuggery?  Then how could the problem be solved without reverting to Somalia-style balkanization (which is better only when compared to the more awful government preceding it)?  

The question, then, is one of form: without a strong Constitution to limit government power, and an intellectually vibrant, Independent Judiciary to keep government in check, there is no way for the rights of citizens to be guaranteed as against their unscrupulous peers, and as against the government itself.  

All of these mechanisms, of course, cost money.  A minimalist State can be just as dangerous to Liberty and freedom as an oppressive one.  Norway, whose government accounts for 40% of its GDP, nonetheless has a very libertine criminal justice system.  There can be no question that people in Norway are more free than even people in the U.S. (who live under the Patriot Act, the War on Drugs, and the Military Commissions Act).  Yet the U.S. government accounts for closer to 20% of GDP.

Does that mean government spending as a % of GDP is dispositive with respect to freedom?  Of course not.  Form matters.  But if you aren’t bringing in enough tax revenue to support the “right” form, then Bartlett’s observation is right: you end up with a government too weak to provide a mechanism for enforcing the rights of its own citizens (i.e. an independent and well-funded judiciary paired with an enumerated Constitution).

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i seriously cannot imagine what a conversation between a libertarian and a socialist sounds like where the libertarian is trying to convince the socialist that RON PAUL is the best chance for socialism in america.

‘hey, you know how we both think that legalizing weed and defunding the military are important? well guess what? ron paul is your guy. he’s a DOCTOR who believes in intelligent design. he actually believes your kidneys were made by god. he also wants to privatize roads, privatize schools, make sure all healthcare is private, eliminate government aid for underprivileged students like pell grants and make sure all college loans are private, make sure all other aid from the government is taken away because poor people are subhuman, implement the sanctity of life act and strip women of their rights, destroy NPR and PBS, implement divisive anti-immigration laws that are more ridiculous than sharron angle’s arizona bill, abolish the minimum wage, repeal the civil rights act of 1964, AND he’ll make sure there is no EPA, FDA, or OSHA so that when children who can’t afford their education go to work in a factory for 12 cents an hour because the minimum wage has been abolished and their arm gets ripped off by an unsafe piece of equipment, they have no recourse and their lives are ruined because they will have no healthcare and no education. DOESN’T THIS SOUND LIKE THE SOCIALIST UTOPIA?

if i had to listen to 4 days of that shit, and i wasn’t such an asshole, i would be like, ‘yeah sure, ok, can we play nintendo now?’ but i am an asshole, and if someone was buzzing in my ear trying to convert me to the church of ron paul, i would probably have to tell that person how much of a fuckwad ron paul is and then how much of a fuckwad they are. 

Ron Paul would be the best candidate for a Socialist to vote for… If they were a revolutionary Socialist with an interest in destabilizing and discrediting the current system…