"Among other arguments made during the hearing were that the parents couldn’t legally obtain a driver’s license to take the children to the 75 appointments they average in a month; they are unable to understand fully the children’s medication needs and their medical conditions; and they lack help to care for the children, especially if both work. The children’s appointments include visits to doctors’ offices and horse and speech therapy. In the end Blaylock sided with the state. “It is the sad truth that neither of these parents will ever be able to meet the extreme special needs of these five children on a day-to-day basis,” she said. “They certainly love their children, but the children have not resided with them for three years. Debbi has never resided with them. The children are in need of, and deserving of, a permanent home.” MOUNTING COSTS Because the children are U.S. citizens, they qualify for services including Medicaid, which in Georgia includes nonemergency medical transportation services and home health care, according to its website. The children also need special beds with padding at a cost of about $8,000 each, which the foster parents got through the state program Babies Can’t Wait. The foster parents receive about $7,500 monthly — $90,000 per year — to care for the five children. If they adopt all five children, they will continue to receive financial ass"

Dalton couple fights to regain custody of their five children | timesfreepress.com

do you see the irony here???

birth parents have to work. they don’t make good money, they can’t afford a car…so TAKE THEIR CHILDREN AWAY.

*foster parents* (who want to adopt)—make $90,000 a YEAR *JUST TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE SAME KIDS*.

do you see that??? do you see what classism looks like as it plays out against immigrant communities? do you see how nativism and white supremacy plays out there? we won’t give “illegalz” that same $90,000 dollars to take care of their own kids. becuz they’re illegalz. they don’t get benefits for being here in the US.

but US citizens can take those children and raise them—and get $90,000 dollars a year.

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This doesn’t even make sense. The parents aren’t abusive or neglectful. They simply don’t have the resources to take care of these children on their own, but rather than giving the resources to the parents, the children are placed in foster care and resources are given to the foster parents. This is absolutely the most absurd thing I’ve read all day.

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good job, amurrika.

good job.

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