Four mass shootings in the US since the Norway terror attack


 In the wake of the tragic bombing and shooting rampage in Norway, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence pointed out this morning that mass shootings are startlingly common in the U.S., with its much laxer gun laws. In a typical year, fewer than 10 people are killed by guns in Norway while 12,000 are shot and killed in the U.S. annually (the U.S. is about 60 times bigger than Norway but has 1,200 times more gun deaths):

Since the Norway massacre, there have been at least four mass shootings in the U.S., leaving six dead at a roller rink in Texas, one dead and eight wounded in Stockton, CA, nine teens wounded at a party in Florida, and seven wounded at a Casino in Seattle. Our hearts go out to these victims and their loved ones as well.

Whereas a mass shooting in Norway is an extraordinary event, it is a regular occurrence in America. Whereas 84 shooting deaths in a single day is a historic event in Norway, described by the nation’s prime minister as a ‘national disaster,’ 84 dead is essentially the everyday toll of fatal gun violence in America.

Alleged Oslo killer has ideas about women



Back in the day, when I started this Tumblr (and later on when I started posting at Tiger Beatdown and some other places), I made it my “mission statement” to explore the intersections of politics, gender and racial matters. What I never anticipated is that there would be a day when all three would collide in such a tragic way.

Jen McCreight has fine combed the alleged Oslo killer’s 1500 page manifesto (he has apparently confessed to the murders so I suppose we can stop referring to him as “alleged”) and put together a handy list of his ideas about how to deal with the “problem” of women:

1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points but would degrade women’s rights.

2. Reform sex education: Reform the current sex education in our school institutions. This may involve limiting it or at least delaying sex education to a later age and discourage casual sex. Sex should only be encouraged within the boundaries of marriage. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points.
3. Making abortion illegal: A re-introduction of the ban on abortion should result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,1-0,2 points but would strip women of basic rights.
4. Women and education: Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

I have gone back to it (the things I do in the name of research, eh? I nauseate myself sometimes) and found some more of his misogyny (emphasis mine):

Social analysts pin it (what he refers to as “the fertility crisis” in the Western World) on some jumble of female education and fiscal autonomy, secularisation, birth control, Sex and the City, a heightened desire for personal freedom, and increasing uncertainty about bringing a child into a world plagued by terrorism, global warming and Lindsay Lohan. (Page 364)

Social analysts pin the “fertility crisis” on Lindsay Lohan? I see…
And last, but not least:

In the big scheme of things, the truth is that European men have treated women with greater respect than the men of almost any other major civilisation on earth. […]. Yet we are the one group of men who are most demonised and attacked, whereas non-white men get treated with much greater respect. What white men see from this is that white Western women prefer men who treat them like crap, and disrespect men who treat them with respect. This isn’t exactly a smart way to behave if you want to be treated with dignity.

The truth is that any nation is always protected from external aggression by the men. The women can play a supporting role in this, but never more than that. For all the talk about “girl power” and “women kicking ass” which you see on movies these days, if the men of your “tribe” are too weak or demoralised to protect you, you will be enslaved and crushed by the men from other “tribes” before you can say “Vagina Monologues”. Which means that if you break down men’s masculinity, their willingness and ability to defend themselves and their families, you destroy the country. That’s exactly what Western women have done for the last forty years. So why are you surprised about the results? (Page 351)

His actions were extreme/extremist, but these beliefs and views are depressingly mainstream among conservatives.


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I thought you all might need some help clearing up the confusion so that you could think correctly.


I thought you all might need some help clearing up the confusion so that you could think correctly.

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