Listen hear white folks (and yes, I mean ALL of you),




There’s no sense in getting offended when we (Black people/oppressed people of color) don’t listen to your opinions. You’ve not experienced more than an ounce of what we’ve gone through under the hands of your oppressive bull shit (I’m talking currently, not slavery so I don’t want to hear any of that “can we be blamed for what our ancestors did” shit). Yes, you’re allowed to have opinions, EVERYONE is allowed opinions, however, we’re also allowed to not give a shit about your opinions, which most of us don’t. No, it is not reverse racism- no it’s not mud-slinging- no it’s not hate mongering- it is merely not giving any fucks about what you have to say UNTIL you ACTUALLY give a fuck about what we’ve been telling you for YEARS.

There is no malice in this message but you may sense a since of anger. If you have a problem with my angry tone then you can simply shut the fuck up cause I don’t care— you will not be heard because CLEARLY you did not listen to me.

That is all, for now.

Yup. That sounds about right.

“EVERYONE is allowed opinions, however, we’re also allowed to not give a shit about your opinions”


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Blacks and Asians: Revisiting Racial Formations



Volume 3, Number 3


Transforming Ethnic Studies
Manning Marable

Tokyo Bound: African Americans and Japan Confront White Supremacy
Gerald Horne

Yellow Power: The Formation of Asian-American Nationalism in the Age of Black Power, 1966-1975
Jeffery O.G. Ogbar

East of the Sun (West of the Moon): Islam, the Ahmadis, and African America
Moustafa Bayoumi 

Linking African and Asian in Passing and Passage: The Pagoda and the True History of Paradise
Lisa Yun

B-Boys and Bass Girls: Sex, Style, and Mobility in Indian American Youth Culture
Sunaina Marr Maira

Building the Antiracist, Anti-Imperalist United Front: Theory and Practice from the L.A. Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union
Eric Mann

Adding: ‘Left or Right of the Color Line: Asian Americans and the Racial Justice Movement’ from ChangeLab
Always reblog.

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Why “People of Color” is offensive:

It lumps all races together, ignoring separate cultures and erasing the separate heritages of different races—i.e. Asian cultures are vastly different from African cultures (though both are worthwhile).

It’s often used solely to exclude white people, in order to diminish their humanity or harass them in other ways.

It’s typically a very patronizing term, as in “PoCs deserve separate scholarships because they’re not smart enough to earn academic scholarships.”

There’s almost never any pride associated in being “of color,” hence its usage instead of that of a specific culture—Vietnamese and proud, African and proud, Brazilian and proud.  In this sense, it also diminishes the individual humanity of “people of color.”

“It’s often used solely to exclude white people, in order to diminish their humanity or harass them in other ways”


“It’s typically a very patronizing term, as in “PoCs deserve separate scholarships because they’re not smart enough to earn academic scholarships.”

And here we are again with the scholarships even though their less than 10% of all scholarships nationwide.

How the Irish Became White



for yall motherfuckers who need to be educated

an excerpt:

Ironically, Irish Catholics came to this country as an oppressed race yet quickly learned that to succeed they had to in turn oppress their closest social class competitors, free Northern blacks. Back home these “native Irish or papists” suffered something very similar to American slavery under English Penal Laws. Yet, despite their revolutionary roots as an oppressed group fighting for freedom and rights, and despite consistent pleas from the great Catholic emancipator, Daniel O’Connell, to support the abolitionists, the newly arrived Irish-Americans judged that the best way of gaining acceptance as good citizens and to counter the Nativist movement was to cooperate in the continued oppression of African Americans. Ironically, at the same time they were collaborating with the dominant culture to block abolition, they were garnering support from among Southern, slaveholding democrats for Repeal of the oppressive English Act of the Union back home. Some even convinced themselves that abolition was an English plot to weaken this country.

Upon hearing of this position on the part of so many of his fellow countrymen now residing in the United States, in 1843 O’Connell wrote: “Over the broad Atlantic I pour forth my voice, saying, come out of such a land, you Irishmen; or, if you remain, and dare countenance the system of slavery that is supported there, we will recognize you as Irishmen no longer.” It’s a tragic story. In a letter published in the Liberator in 1854, it was stated that “passage to the United States seems to produce the same effect upon the exile of Erin as the eating of the forbidden fruit did upon Adam and Eve. In the morning, they were pure, loving, and innocent; in the evening, guilty.”


An article by a black writer in an 1860 edition of the Liberator explained how the Irish ultimately attained their objectives: “Fifteen or twenty years ago, a Catholic priest in Philadelphia said to the Irish people in that city, ‘You are all poor, and chiefly laborers, the blacks are poor laborers; many of the native whites are laborers; now, if you wish to succeed, you must do everything that they do, no matter how degrading, and do it for less than they can afford to do it for.’ The Irish adopted this plan; they lived on less than the Americans could live upon, and worked for less, and the result is, that nearly all the menial employments are monopolized by the Irish, who now get as good prices as anybody. There were other avenues open to American white men, and though they have suffered much, the chief support of the Irish has come from the places from which we have been crowded.”

Once the Irish secured themselves in those jobs, they made sure blacks were kept out. They realized that as long as they continued to work alongside blacks, they would be considered no different. Later, as Irish became prominent in the labor movement, African Americans were excluded from participation. In fact, one of the primary themes of How the Irish Became White is the way in which left labor historians, such as the highly acclaimed Herbert Gutman, have not paid sufficient attention to the problem of race in the development of the labor movement.

I found this part interesting about some Irish Americans who actually fought FOR Mexico against USA. I never knew this:

Oh that there had been other Irish Americans such as the soldiers from St. Patrick’s Battalion who fought on the side of Mexico in the War of 1848, who did remain green and fought against oppression. So perhaps we Irish in America must reclaim our greenness and, perhaps, our anti-racism trainers are right that we all must reclaim our cultural heritage and bring it to the multicultural table. The only stipulation is that we do it in a decidedly anti-racist manner and in solidarity with oppressed classes of people. Maybe we can all share in the sentiment proclaimed in the 1991 movie about Dublin, “The Commitments,” when it was stated that “The Irish are the blacks of Europe, so say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.”

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Is there not one about the war bonnet?


Bringin’ this back.

Not only because Halloween is coming up, but because the lovely golden-zephyr was gracious to make one about Romani “costumes”!

Remember, as this-is-not-native reminds us, there are endless cute, sexy, funny, even offensive costumes that don’t perpetuate racist stereotypes. There is really no excuse.

k yes I am white and yes this is going to offend some people but honestly its basically racist.


Asians are smart, lean, stealthy. Given the gift of spirit.

I’m Asian, 6 feet tall, maybe 225 lbs? Shape is roughly elephantoid.

If I am one thing, I am not lean or stealthy. I’ll take smart, but fuck the idea that Asians are so “smart,” so good at math, y’know? All that model minority shit.

This is some pretty offensive shit, and it’s ridiculous. It’s all wrapped up in the most stupid, outdated, racial essentialism.

And seriously though, Spirit? What the fuck could that even mean?

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Karly’s experiences illustrate how the nexus of low expectations, as well as college preparation and course programming hurdles can combine to derail the most motivated science students. She describes battling with her school counselor to be programmed into the elite AP Biology and Physics courses that have become virtual gatekeepers for future college science majors. She remarks that “some counselors believe that you might not succeed. They say maybe it might be a little too hard for you.” In many instances parental intervention is mandatory for black science students at every step of the way. Although conventional wisdom holds that class status and income dictate interest and academic success in science, Hanson concluded that social capital by way of family support and investment in the community were the most compelling factors. Girls whose parents (regardless of income levels, education and family composition) were supportive and engaged in their educations were more likely to pursue science. In addition, girls who had higher levels of community involvement, volunteerism and participation in religious activities were also more likely to pursue a science major and have high achievement in science.

Some area schools are not receptive and fail to see the potential in their students [the program’s founder said]. ‘I get responses like, ‘You know, the type of students you’re looking for, we just don’t have…That is just not right.’ Chuck Uzoegwu, 19, participated in the program in 2010 and is now studying business and is pre-med at USC. He first noticed a slow attrition of fellow African American classmates when attending King Drew Medical Magnet High School. In the summer program, he was one of only a few African American students. He returned to the hospital this summer to volunteer in the lab and said he has yet to meet a role model there who looks like him. ‘It disturbs me. It’s nice to come into a place and see other people that are like you,’ he said. ‘It definitely feels like the higher up you go in education, the higher up you go in any organization, the less African American males you see.

Uzoegwu’s experiences reflect the hard reality of many high schools where the number of African American students who are encouraged to pursue science is criminally low. At the elite level of enrollment in Physics and Advanced Placement (AP) science courses the numbers thin out even more. Nationwide, African American students are underrepresented in AP course enrollment and exam taking. At 14% of the U.S. student population they comprise only 3% of those enrolled in AP courses or taking AP exams. Native American students are also underrepresented. With the exception of a few states like Hawaii and South Dakota, there has been greater success in closing the AP gap for Latino students than Black or Native American students. In addition, some schools don’t even have AP courses, placing students who want to go to college at a significant disadvantage. According to the Harvard Education Press, “students who took AP math or science exams were more likely than non-AP students to earn degrees in particular physical science, engineering and life science disciplines.” Jacqueline Hernandez, a Watts resident enrolled in the Children’s Hospital internship program, decries the lack of AP classes at her school. Hernandez once feared her college dreams would be derailed by teenage pregnancy like those of her three sisters. In 1999 students from the Inglewood Unified School District in Los Angeles successfully sued to get more AP courses at their schools. The suit charged that Black and Latino students were systematically denied access to college preparation courses that were standard fare at white schools in Los Angeles County.

Conservatives who disdain “liberal multiculturalism” in higher education dismiss such concerns about diversity in hiring as handwringing. According to this view there is only one standard academia should use; objective and unbiased, untainted by affirmative action. Yet white students are beneficiaries of cradle to grave affirmative action. White students grow up seeing the dominant image of rational, trailblazing scientific discovery (from films like Dr. Strangelove to 2001: A Space Odyssey to Close Encounters to The Right Stuff, etc.) as spearheaded by courageous rugged individualist white males. They are socialized to believe in a template of “purely” meritocratic success and individual achievement. Meritocracy becomes gospel and lucre. They can take it to the bank and use it to repel the less qualified savages. Racial or gender others who make it into science’s inner sanctum are either interlopers scrounging for handouts or shining exceptions bootstrapping up from the inner city wilds. At the insular level of college Physics and Engineering white male dominance is perpetuated by “boy’s club” peer groups, networks, faculty and administrative support systems that facilitate access for the racial majority. While she was at UCLA Devin Waller was the only African American woman in the Astrophysics department. On the first day of her upper division classes she recalls being asked by male students befuddled by her presence whether or not they “were in the right class.” Since peer networking and study groups in some science departments are largely white and male, white academic success and scholarly legitimacy in science become a self-fulfilling prophecy. For black women in white male dominated professions, showing vulnerability and having any kind of public failure are simply not options. Like many women of color Devin’s approach was that “You kind of go in there and set a precedent. Everything you do is watched. You have to establish yourself as intelligent. There were no black women in my classes. No one who looked like me.”


Sikivu Hutchinson, “Beyond Starship Enterprise: Racism, Sexism, And The Sceince Pipeline,” Feminist Wire 8/15/12 (via racialicious)

Dear My Fellow White People. Again.



So, listen. I keep seeing “colored” crop up when y’all are talking about people of color.

I realize there is a similarity to that terminology. But lemme tell you, “colored” /= “people of color”.

The term “colored” started cropping up in America media in the mid 1800s, which means it was probably in colloquial use before that.

It is, granted, still part of the NAACP’s name. But they chose the word because it was the most positive word in use at the time. But, see, the NAACP was founded in 1909. So there weren’t actually a lot of positive words to choose from.

It is, at very best, antiquated and out of date. And a sore reminder of segregation and a whole lot of other shit.

But there IS an alternative! People of color was introduced as an inclusive term, coined BY people of color, in the late 1970s. By the late 80s, it was in fairly common usage.

It is now 2012. So we don’t really have any excuse to not be up on the lingo with this.

People of color describes people who are not white - and does so in a way that defines them in the context of themselves, rather than in opposition to white people as some sort of arbitrary norm. “Nonwhite” is pretty bogus. It also, by including many races, moves us away from talking about race as a black/white binary.

Binarisms suck, y’all.

I get that, if you have never thought about this stuff before, “colored” seems similar enough to “people of color” that you don’t get why people are offended. But trust - “colored” is offensive. Stop using it. It harkens back to all sorts of shit you do not want to be associated with.

Also, you look like a douchebag when you describe people that way.

Here is an example of an acceptable use of the word “colored” - because I know you’re going to get all up in arms about not being “allowed” to use it anymore:

I got some colored contact lenses to make my eyes purple.

There you go, easy peasy.

Cosigned so hard. Reblogging to boost.

Why white radicals shouldn’t criticize Barack Obama



Nobody white can tell me how to feel about Barack Obama. I don’t care if you are a radical…you can’t tell me how the fuck to feel about him. You are white. You know the facts. You don’t know the experience. I know the facts. I know the experience. Barack is my brother. My brother may do horrible things but he is no less my brother for it.

Sometimes when I hear white radicals & revolutionaries criticize Barack I wanna say, “Very true but how about you shut the fuck up for a minute. Let’s talk about genocide & the other 43 presidents.” I’m a Black man. Everytime I see him on TV, I want to shake his hand & hug him & protect him. I want to tell him how beautiful his wife & children are. I want to assure him that he is loved by our people- Black people. I’m so upset with him & his decisions. I’m so upset at the blood on his hands. This is a trail of unfulfilled promises.

I am a revolutionary but my love for President Obama does not betray my politics. I have to defend him. He is a Black man like me & we must defend each other. I will not leave him to the wolves. I will not let him drown without reaching out.

I don’t think I’ll vote for him. I probably won’t even vote. But if I did push that damn button in support of him…I will not recant or repent.

So to my radical white comrades…think about what the fuck you say about Barack Obama. He might not be shit to you….but he is MY brother.

This really speaks to me.

As a ‘radical’, and an undocumented immigrant from a nation that is being drone-striked and destroyed by Obama’s policies, I do not support much of what he has done and do not think establishment politics offer any solutions for the real problems of our society.

Yet when I see white leftists just trash talking Obama over his corporatism or his foreign policy (without necessarily being victims of these processes), itsinfuriatingto me.

I’ve had a lot of people leave me messages about how I’m an Obama sympathizer because I reblog pictures of Michelle or Barack being cute and charismatic. I don’t agree with the institution of the Presidency or what Obama has done in many cases, and HATE liberals who defend him without looking at facts— but when I want that Grant Park speech I am near tears. He has a special place in the hearts of many many many people of color, he has a sincerity and down-to-earthness that completely baffles me when I hear that he orders the deaths of US citizens or deported 1 mil immigrants.

It’s a tough place to be, certainly, but if you are a person of color and you see how he is ripped apart for the stupidest things in the worst ways possible— attacked for nothing more than being a Black man. We live in a very contentious political moment but I promise you the Republicans would not be this crazy if he wasn’t  Black.

All this is to say is that there are great and legitimate and important criticisms of Obama, and no one should use his cult of personality as an excuse for the lives that have been destroyed by the US and by his policies. There’s no good answer but white radicals need to understand how conflicted many people of color are with his presidency, and respect that before they go blathering on and on about him being the sum of all evil.

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Pardon my crappy graphics skills, but this is what yesterday’s announcement looked like to me.  (I’m still going to watch and squee over the movies, but really, Marvel.)



no amount of butts can make up for zero POCs in these movies tbh

Sooo…are we just ignoring Nick Fury here?

And…really? I’m sorry, but I don’t get how this is a race thing. The Hunger Games uproar, I get. The Avatar uproar, I get. I was so pissed about Avatar. 

But I don’t really get it here. I really don’t. How is this offensive or racist? Those are the most popular characters in the comics, so it’s natural that they’d get a movie. Producers would want to pick the biggest characters in Marvel to make a movie on. Why does race have to have anything to do with it? Can someone explain because honestly I’m really skeptical about SJ people these days. They will cry foul at literally anything and everything because they want to.

Oh no no no no no.

She must be mad because people are telling this white fairy pussy ain’t shit to deal with and instead of going back to her corner with the rest of the Mayo Mafia she wants to make her special fucking snowflake opinions heard.

Quick background on me: I had to wait nineteen damn years to get a Disney princess who looked remotely like me and they had to go make her a frog for the whole damn movie because apparently we just can’t have nice things. And now I want a damn super hero to look like me and you feel the urgent pressing need to tell me I’m wrong to do that. Okay, I’ll bite.

You mentioned Nick Fury as a shining example of Colordom for all of us to fly our NAACP flag under and salute.


Oops, my mistake, you mean THIS ONE

You mean the minor character whose SOLELY VITAL ROLE in bringing the Avengers together is constantly overshadowed by the special sacrifice of a white man? You mean those five minutes of screen time he got compared to what was an otherwise entirely white cast? You mean Nick Fury, played by and modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the same damn angry black man jumping out of exploding vehicles in every movie?

Is that the Nick Fury you’re talking about?

And yes it IS about race.

When was the last time we had a Black, Asian, Latino, or First Nation superhero? And don’t tell me “the most popular ones are white.” Let me refer you to Justice League, a great animated version of DC Comics favorite super heros from 2001-2004, which features a B L A C K Green Lantern. Here is a visual aide that will likely add to your white shock. I’ll wait and let it sink in.

Yes, it is about race because there was still an outcry for stepping away from the Original White Blend (TM) Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. Now to be fair, Lantern wasn’t the only POC…..let’s take a look at the WHOLE Justice League used from the series:

FOUR! POSSIBLY FIVE (one is so far back and insignificant to JL I can’t tell! HOORAY FOR MULTICULTURALISM!!!!!!!!)


You say producers need to use those characters to make money. Well, these are comics. Aka, someone drew them. Aka, they make changes to the character. (Do you see where I’m going with this?) So since we can change the way a character looks because they’ve been drawn and aren’t real, we can do this: change their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience so that they can relate and identify with the characters instead of giving the people Veganaise on Wonder Bread white folk with “baggage” aka “All this money I have still won’t fill the gaping whole my parents left when they died/abandoned me.” These so called most beloved superheros that we all know and are familiar with were created by and for a period of time in which POC, esp. women, LGBTQ, the disabled, were completely absent from this fantasy world. So yes, update characters to support a wider, more diverse audience demand, if you’d like to ignore the human decency factor and go straight into capitalism.

I love Avengers. But I’m not about that life that excludes POC, women, LGBTQ, the disabled from popular culture. As part of a group that is constantly ignored, fetishized, and/or misrepresented in media, I am using my personal experiences to express my anger over representation of said group. I feel left out, unimportant. IT’S. NOT. FAIR TO ME OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE ME.

Or to quote you: “I am crying foul at literally anything and everything because I want to.” Because my opinion as a WOC doesn’t matter. :D*~*~*~*~*

Word of Advice: Don’t try to get in POC business with your white opinions. Don’t try to get into business your ass has no reason to be in. Go read a book or whine to your white friends on Facebook or go swimming in the Arctic Ocean, I don’t know. But don’t come in here, reblogging shit that was not meant for you with your own racist ignorant opinions. I am not here for that GIRL BYE.

Somebody just got sonned to death. SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she said… she said “mayo mafia.”

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Just a PSA



  • You just “can’t see a person of color doing” anything that doesn’t involve them being a slave/being a stereotype,
  • You white wash established characters of color in any sort of artwork you create,
  • You defend whitewashing in Hollywood
  • You whinge about how a story is ‘ruined’ because a character whose race isn’t specified turns out to be a POC in the adaptation.
  • You demand the small amount of poc oriented shows to cater to white people while telling poc who want representation in white majority shows to stfu?

You are defending racism and white supremacy.

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Yarn Bombing


If it was actually WOC abuelit@s hitting up the night bombing the city, I would be down as fuck for it. However, it is not. Instead, it is white feminists who essentially steal an idea that has criminalized, ridiculed, and even killed people of color. They seem to think it is innovating art that parallels graff culture. Pero, they’re extremely cray to think so.

Their privilege allows them to  get away with the bastardization of this subculture without having to deal with the gruesome repercussions. You see, yarn bombing doesn’t happen  in los barrios. It takes place in affluent areas, the burbs, and gentrified hoods. They don’t have to watch out for bangers who don’t want you tagging on their turf. They don’t know shit about traveling deep into tunnels and having to fend off meth addicts. They won’t have to experience running away from trigger-happy cops, and not because their not carrying montanas, but because white girls (with or without yarn) are actually protected by cops—no matter what neigborhood they’re in.

I can’t see myself ever being down with recognizing yarn bombing for these very reasons. 

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okay white people we need to have a serious talk



after seeing a commercial about a tortilla pan, something i thought i would never witness in my entire life, we need to talk 

y’all really need to stop with the fuckery y’all be committing on ethnic foods

now don’t get it twisted, nobody is saying that you can’t eat foods from non-white cultures 

but there is a way to do it and there is a way not to do it 

so lemme break it break it down for y’all on what not to do

  • commodifying and subsequently profiting off the rebranding of “ethnic foods”. yes, i’m looking at all you white people who make a hefty living by cooking and selling foods from non-white cultures. whether it be cook books, television shows, ingredients in foods marketed at upper class white people *cough cough KASHI commericals as an example*, whole restaurants with the kitchy couture that just screams “STEREOTYPE” and the only people who are of colour are the undocumented people working in the back. yes, all of you. have a seat and face the facts cause guess what, you have a food culture. because despite thinking you are plain jane wonderbread white folks you do actually descend from somewhere in Europe. it may not be the exotic wonderland some of y’all think brown folk descend from, but its your heritage and its about time you fucking accepted it and got over it. take a DNA test, an ancestry heritage. hope a boat, hope a train, hope a plane. quite honestly i don’t give a fuck how you get back to your roots but if you want to make and market food based on a specific tradition i suggest you begin and end with your own. 
  • designating yourself the health gurus of ethnic food- i’m so sick of y’all changing recipes to make things “healthier” and doing it in a way that makes ethnic foods look like shit on a plate and taste like a whole lot of nothing. what you fools fail to realize is that our food is healthy FOR US. wasn’t nobody thinking about y’all when that shit was created and the only reason why anybody thinks about y’all now when it comes to creation and production of ethnic food cultures is because the only way to survive in a capitalist white supremacist system is to serve y’all tropes on a plate. 
  • by the way, plenty of POCs have written cookbooks that demonstrate how to make our foods more health conscious for those who have legitimate dietary concerns related to food consumption. in fact some of my favourite cookbooks written by POCS are from folk who are actively engaged with the food justice movement. support them, not people whose only claim to knowledge is “well i traipsed through the jungle/bush/seemingly rural and or isolated place and learned from the people. so i’m back now to spread the knowledge”. 
  • which brings me to my next point, there are plenty of ethnic food restaurants where POCs actually have control over production, consumption, and profit. in order to support us and really give us control and autonomy over our own cultures, you have to actually support POCs. you cannot say “oh well i’m not a racist/i have respect for this culture” if the only access point is through a white person with some loosey goosy connection to POCs. 
  • but bear in mind than when you enter our space you play by our rules. POC restaurants are safe spaces for US. we created them for US. its where we go to escape the likes of y’all when you piss us off or simply become too much. that space is not oriented around you, and just because you walk through the door and sit your starvin marvin asses down doesn’t mean you become the center of the universe. don’t get it twisted. respect the rules which govern our eating spaces, and to quote the fabulous Lafayette “tip yo waitress!” 

in short, y’all need to recognize! 

we were fed up with y’all jackin our shit before, and we’re fed up with it now. 

we’re fed up with having our cultures dissed and dismissed right in front of our faces, and being treated as if we’re expected to care that you magically took interest in our cultures. no matter how problematic your engagement with it is. we’re somehow supposed to be grateful and interpret your cultural genocide as respect and admiration.

honestly, stop taking a page out of the “copying is the greatest form of flattery” basic bitch handbook. cause that’s only true in a white supremacist society where white people can copy POCs and never give credit where credit is due. 

also, i don’t care if you can find the person of colour who is an apologist for every racially conscious POC who is telling you to have a seat. don’t even bother to try and pull them out as if to say “well see they approve of my behaviour so you’re just a mean black lady and blah blah blah”

cause my response will be 

“first of all, nobody said i was nice”

“and second, no.1.curr.bout.dem


neva have, and neva will. 

And yes. There we have it. The library is closed! 


How To Be A Reverse-Racist: An Actual Step by Step List For Oppressing White People




by A.D Song and Mia McKenzie

White people who are confronted with their white privilege and the white supremacist acts they perpetuate have been known to cry, “You’re being a reverse-racist!” That is completely true: people of color have the power and control to create, perpetuate, and maintain brutal systematic reverse-racism that oppresses white people every day.  As such, we have created this handy list on how to continue this oppression.

1. Enslave their bodies.

Ship them from Germany, Sweden, and other exotic countries. Force them to build entire cities, roads, bridges. Force them to plant and harvest all the food everyone eats. Let an entire economic system be built on their backs, with their blood and sweat. Later, deny them access to the system they have been used to build, and accuse them of being extremely lazy.

2. Steal their land.

If they were here before you, steal their land. This is essential. Basically, just go in there and take it. If you have to kill some of them to get it…no worries. If you have to kill almost all of them to get it…shit, no worries. After you steal their land, make sure you create laws to keep them from ever returning to it. If they try to return anyway, build fences, and let bands of POC vigilantes patrol the borders with guns. If they somehow get past the borders and into your country, no worries, you can always just deport them.

3. Enslave their minds.

From these systems, build a long lasting institution of reverse-racism until all the violence and microaggressions make many white people into suspicious people with a lot of internalized self-hatred, health problems, and mental illnesses. Then deny them access to adequate mental health care. Or, adequate health care of any kind, while you’re at it. ‘Cause, you know, fuck ‘em.

4.  Wipe out and/or appropriate their customs.

Since many of their customs are savage and unworthy of preserving, wipe out their traditions of eating mashed potatoes and meatloaf, playing miniature golf, buying khakis at Banana Republic, and sleeping with thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets. For the customs you think are kinda cool, culturally appropriate from them. Sometimes wear a beret and lederhosen, because Swedish culture is really exotic even though it’s inferior to ours.

5.  Break their espresso machines.

With baseball bats or large hammers. Or, you know, just unplug them all.

6.  Call them “cracker”.

As people of color, we have been rightfully accused of being racist to white people, especially when we call them “cracker”. As we all know, calling them “cracker” is egregiously offensive and horribly shocking because of this long, violent, reverse-racist history.

7. Just keep being terrible to them.

Do everything you can think of to make it so that white people make less money; their children are shot by cops; white women are at higher risk for assault and they are exotified until they no longer seem human; white men are beaten and thrown into jails because they look “suspicious” and “threatening”; they are racially profiled everywhere they go.

8. Make sure most representations of them in the media are negative.

They should almost always be portrayed as pasty, stringy-haired, rhythm-less, sexless, uptight, and booooring. Also, there should be very few representations of them and when they’re portrayed at all, they should always only be the comic relief, the silent exotic sex object, the Debbie Downer, or the incompetent sidekick. They are only allowed to be easily forgettable, one-dimensional characters. Sometimes use POC actors in white-face to portray these white people. By presenting this ONE image of them all the time, you will be able to convince the rest of the population that all white people are like this, thus ensuring a widespread belief in their inferiority.

9. Keep telling them how beautiful they are not.

White people know they will never be beautiful with their boring sour cream complexions and blonde hair (that was actually caused because of mutations). Plaster people of color on every magazine, show them in every television show and movie, and praise them as the most beautiful. When white people cry at these injustices, bottle their tears and sell them as health creams for people of color. Nothing like a soothing lotion made from the pain of white folks!

10. Go bananas!

Force them underground and away from the sun to become even whiter, while you laugh manically like the cruel, bloodthirsty, oppressive person of color you are! Take their thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets to make POC-supremacist flags and hoods and march through the streets, spreading fear and terror. Every time a white person thinks your behavior is unfair or wrong, tell them that they should stop being so sensitive! We live in a post-reverse-racial society now! Jeez.

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Mia McKenzie is a writer and a smart, scrappy Philadelphian with a deep love of vegan pomegranate ice cream and fake fur collars. She is a black feminist and a freaking queer, facts that are often reflected in her writings, which have won her some awards and grants, such as the Astraea Foundation’s Writers Fund Award and the Leeway Foundation’s Transformation Award. She just finished a novel and has a short story forthcoming in The Kenyon Review. She is a nerd, and the creator of Black Girl Dangerous, a revolutionary blog.

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Sour. Cream. Skin.

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I got a bajillion requests to make this rebloggable, but I knew someone would do it for me after awhile.




I got a bajillion requests to make this rebloggable, but I knew someone would do it for me after awhile.

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