k yes I am white and yes this is going to offend some people but honestly its basically racist.


Asians are smart, lean, stealthy. Given the gift of spirit.

I’m Asian, 6 feet tall, maybe 225 lbs? Shape is roughly elephantoid.

If I am one thing, I am not lean or stealthy. I’ll take smart, but fuck the idea that Asians are so “smart,” so good at math, y’know? All that model minority shit.

This is some pretty offensive shit, and it’s ridiculous. It’s all wrapped up in the most stupid, outdated, racial essentialism.

And seriously though, Spirit? What the fuck could that even mean?

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POC is a Political Identity. It is not a cultural identifier, a racial identifier, or, for the most part, a personal individual identifier. It is a rejection of the divide-and-conquer rule of Whiteness. It is a handy footnote descriptor for anyone non-white regardless of their literal melanin count.

POC is also a self-desciptor for POC; a term designed to replace the white man’s descriptors for us as Coloured or Non-White. A term which makes no reverence to Whiteness as Non-White does, nor carry the stigma of Coloured.


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Esoterica: Purported POC Allies


When a POC publicly names an act of racist oppression and abuse and calls it out for what it is, that is not causing a “ruckus.”

When a POC publicly names the perpretrators of said racist oppression and abuse, that is not “smearing.”

It is blatantly and bravely standing up and calling out the acts of racism for what they are.

Attempting to censor a POC who has been victimized by acts of racism from naming the racism and naming the racist perpretrator, is a kin to censoring the child who has been victimized by child abuse, or the partner who has been victimized by domestic violence from naming the acts of abuse and oppression and naming the perpretrator.

“How can you say that?! What about his/her reputation?!”

You stood in silence, frozen, scared watching acts of racist oppression unfold right before your eyes.

But now as that POC reclaims his or her power, and names the acts of racism for what they are, you are assertive and livid and outspoken to protect the name and reputation and dignity of the perpretrator.

You are not an ally, you are an interferer.

You dragged your feet in nonresponse, inaction, and avoidance.

But now, as the victim fights back and stands up to defend his or her rights, you mobilize to defend the perpretrator.

You are not an ally, you are an upholder of the status quo.

Racism is not an obtuse concept that can be intellectualized, theorized, analyzed, and pondered away in study groups and workshops and intensives. It is a reality that some people are bombarded with everyday. If racism and its traumatizing effects are opaque and abstract to you, you are not an ally.

                                                                                    -Jodi Blair

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Question for you all: “How do we create alliances rooted in similarities without erasing the different intersections? “

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I’m sorry, but why would you gain the trust of inner city children, give them an opportunity to go on something as scenic, adventurous, and different (for those who have never gone, at least) as hiking, and then completely betray them by writing down what they say and posting it on a blog named GHETTOHIKES?

You’re not entertaining people, you’re exposing and making a spectacle out of children that probably look up to you not only as a mentor, but also as an upstanding parental figure.

Seriously, this is fucking disgusting.

Extremely appalling and a horrible breech of trust. Not to mention so fucking supremacist in so many fucking ways. I love how only hippie white folks have valid observations about nature and their floaty, hippie quotes are totally valid.

But the kids should just be glad that someone is bothering to notice them. Ten says that this is a Great White Savior type who is getting credits on a resume for this shit.

And shit like this is part of why so few POC communities trust volunteerism, and why so many POC parents are hesitant or flat out unwilling to entrust their kids to these programs.

Alla this.

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