White privilege is saying that a POC shouldn’t be upset over someone making bigoted comments toward them because “well it’s not true about you anyway and you know that so why are you upset?”

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When someone says “check your privilege” the correct response is not



  • I have freedom of speech
  • You’re just stating your opinion
  • Stop harassing me
  • I’m not sexist/racist but…
  • Stop being such a bitch
  • Everything you say is just opinion anyway
  • well you’re just wrong
  • omg bitch

The correct response is:

  • Thank you for pointing that out
  • I will work on that
  • Can you point me in the direction of some articles or resources?
  • I’ve not thought of it that way before
  • I will be more conscious from now on

real talk.

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White Privilege: Now What & Other Such Fallacies


Examples of what white privilege deniers THINK it means to be told to “Check Your Privilege.”

  • Apologize for being white
  • Believe white is bad or wrong
  • Be ashamed of being white
  • Feel guilty for being white

Examples of what people ACTUALLY mean when they say “Check Your Privilege.”

  • You are inserting yourself into a conversation where you shouldn’t be. Acknowledge what you are doing, apologize and stop it.
  • You are making my pain about you.  Acknowledge what you are doing, apologize and stop it.
  • You are belittling my pain.  Acknowledge what you are doing, apologize and stop it.
  • You are making my fears concerns and troubles less important than your annoyance about me talking about my experience.  Acknowledge what you are doing, apologize and stop it.

Now What?

If you believe that PoC want you to apologize for having white privilege, you are wrong. To be honest, I don’t get why you would think that in the first place. Let’s pretend for a second that I DO want you to apologize for having white privilege. Then, let’s pretend that you actually do apologize to me. How does that help me in ANY way? You see, some of you believe that we want to take away what you have or we want you to be ashamed of what you have. This is not the case. We want to be treated like human beings and we want you to understand that you don’t get to assert yourself or your feelings ABOUT OUR FEELINGS onto us or into our conversations.

Your guilt over white privilege also does me no good. You feel guilty? Okay and…? What does that do for either of us? If anything, your guilt tends to bring out MORE racism, not less. We don’t want to be treated BETTER, we want to be treated EQUALLY. Don’t pretend you like Black Joe when Black Joe is an asshole. That does not prove to me that you aren’t racist, it proves that you ARE racist because you are ONLY “Friends” with him BECAUSE he’s black.

Again…how does that help me in any way?

So you want to know what you should do about your White Privilege? See the second set of examples and follow them to the letter. Know that even if society tells you otherwise, you are not better, more important or more valid than anyone else. Know that your opinion should not be something you hold higher. Especially in situations you have not personally lived through. Generally, stop making things about you. That’s really the basics. No one believes that things are going to change so drastically that white privilege will disappear. We are all realistic people. It isn’t about taking something away from you. It is about you not trying to add you to our lives. It’s not about you. If you can only remember one thing, let that be it. It is not about you.

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White privilege is that weird feeling you get in your stomach when a PoC gets the job that you applied for or is picked before you or gets better grades than you.

Mod note: This is one of the most pervasive and easily hidden aspects of white privilege. You may not outwardly rant about Affirmative Action. You may not outwardly rant about immigration. You may not outwardly rant about outsourcing. But seriously ask yourself: have you ever just gotten a weird feeling in your gut when a person of color does better than you at something?



White privilege is the purchase of the island of Lana’i by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Even as a Hawai’i resident, I had no idea Lana’i was privately owned. It’s a Hawaiian island, not trophy estate.It shouldn’t have been up for sale in the first place.

Further reading

Forbes, which misses the point and hails Ellison’s life of luxury

Mercury News, focuses more on resident concerns

Star Advertiser, local newspaper

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White privilege is telling POC that you’re willing or interested in discussing race theory with them, then  responding with nothing more than laughter, or mocking their sources as not credible (even though you have presented no sources for your position).

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White privilege is being considered “innocent until proven guilty”, instead of “guilty until proven dead”



White privilege is “ancient aliens” - suggesting that none of the ancient nonwhite civilizations (Egypt, the Mayans, etc.) developed on their own, and instead got their technology and religion from outer space.



White privilege is using “appropriate” grammar and not having people compare you to a different race.



White privilege is only having ‘white people’ on your currency and bills, or putting ‘national’ animals before you consider putting the image of the Indigenous people of this land. 




White privilege is using wording that is most clearly meant to be racist but when PoC defend themselves against you they are suddenly emotional and racist themselves.

Privilege is like a knife


It can be a tool. It can be a weapon. It gives power. You’re probably going to be at least somewhat scared of the person who carries around a big ass knife until you figure out if they are an okay person or not. And it isn’t their fault that they have this big ass knife, but they still have it. And that still makes them scary until they prove themselves. 

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You know that joke you only tell when you’re with your buds cause you don’t have to worry about being “PC” around them cause they “get it?”


Stop it.

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White Privilege: “I don’t understand why you have to bring up race everytime.”

Because it’s my life fuck you.

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White privilege is being the only white person in a company dominated by POC and expecting everyone else to switch code/language to suit you.

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