"Governers in Pennsylvania, Oregon, Vermont, Idaho, and Nebraska vetoed sterilization bills, with the most stinging and wittest rebuke coming from Pennsylvania’s Samuel Pennypacker. Rising to speak at a dinner after his veto, he was roundly greeted with boos, catcalls, and sneering whistles. “Gentlemen, Gentlemen,” He implored, “you forget you owe me a vote of thanks. Didn’t I just veto the bill for the castration of idiots?”"

Mad in America - Robert Whitaker (via rosemaryanne)


Thirty years ago, Paul Ekman did cross-cultural research and identified seven basic human emotions. He identified the seven basic emotions through facial expressions. No matter where in the world, what culture, class, race, gender, or lighting, these seven facial expressions were identified across the board.

Micro expressions occur when a person is trying to suppress or repress an emotion. Have you ever tried to not smile, or not look angry? In the show Lie To Me, the main character deals with people who are constantly trying to hide their emotions.

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"Medication isn’t a crutch, it’s a bridge between feeling awful and feeling better. You still have to move your legs to get across the bridge, and that’s the work of therapy."

Dr. Ronald Pies, professor of psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University and Tufts University School of Medicine, on how he responds to those who view antidepressants as merely “covering up the real problem” or as “a crutch”. (via psychotherapy)

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