Please stop using “white tears” as an attempt to nullify the arguments of those who are passionately fighting for social justice. Also, these people are well aware of their privilege. It’s really infantile. 


I’ve decided that shitty comics drawn in Photoshop is a good way to get the stress of stupid fucking customers out of my system!


I’ve decided that shitty comics drawn in Photoshop is a good way to get the stress of stupid fucking customers out of my system!



What kind of logic is that anyway? Let’s not talk about race issues and then they’ll go away and we can all skip through grassy fields in harmony.

Um, fuck no.

You know what not talking about racism can do to me as a black woman?

Do you have any idea? 

If everybody stops talking about it, that doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear. That means that racist fucks get a chance to run wild (more than they already do) and have a good-ass time since nobody wants to talk about it. That is the act of ignoring something. Stop repeating that dumb shit. STOP. YOU ARE WRONG. You will never, ever be right. Because, truth be told, if we stop talking about racism, we’re digging our own graves. THAT is what yall need to pass around. Tell it like it is and stop pretending the shit will just magically go away. 

And if you can’t do that and you don’t want to listen to people talk about race issues, you ignore it on your own damn time. But don’t you dare stop people from bringing awareness to certain issues because it rubs YOU the wrong way. That’s selfish. And supporting your selfish ass beliefs with something as stupid as that quote does NOT make you right.

Philippines: 51st American state.






Curse the commonwealth era. Curse the people who insisted for the Philippines to have it’s freedom. Curse the president who took oath that time.

As you read my introduction, you already knew that I am pro to this issue. Yes, I want the Philippines to be an American Colony. I want the Philippines be part of the stars in the flag of America. I want to be an American citizen. I want to be part of the world’s greatest country. And most of all, I want a better life ahead of me and for me to attain that, I need to embrace to the high hopes that one day the Philippines will eventually be a part of the United States.

Unfollow me if you want to. Say foul words in my ask box if you want to (besides, my anonymous button is always on). But this is my stand. This is, what I believe, for the betterment of our country. I am already sick of reading articles about patriotism and being nationalistic but people keeps on despising or even condemning fellow countrymen if they were subjected to shameful issues. I am already tired of seeing headlines printed in capital letters saying bad things toward this nation. I am already tired of hearing gossips about the fast-rising economy of this country and yet no one in the lower class can feel it.

I want progress. I want change. I want development.

We cannot eliminate corruption because corruption is already part of our system since academe. We are bound to use power to acquire money and other things.

If only we surrendered and let the American people guide us to success, then claiming the islands in our West Philippine Sea would’ve been easier than this.

Oh hey Ligaya~

And I’m tired of people like you, my dear, ahiddensanctuary.^^

Oh thank you Tine for showing me this bullshit. *salutes*

Ok ahiddensanctuary I’m going to break this down for ya, you colonial minded, undeserving to be called Filipin@ twat. If our ancestors were alive today, they would have cut off your head with no shame in your disgrace.

Curse the commonwealth era. Curse the people who insisted for the Philippines to have it’s freedom. Curse the president who took oath that time.

I’m sorry. You don’t know about our colonial history do you? DO YOU? You do not know about what the U.S. did to our people when they colonized do you? Let’s see let me make a list of all the shit they did to us in their 48 years of colonial rule. Shall we? Ya? Ok let’s go.

The Example of Samar: A “Howling Wilderness”

Early in the morning on September 28, 1901 the residents of the small village of Balangiga (located in the Samar Province) attacked the men of U.S. Army Company C, Ninth U.S. Infantry, who were stationed in the area.  While the Americans ate breakfast, church bells in the town began to peal.  This was the signal for hundreds of Filipinos armed with machetes and bolos to attack the garrison.  Forty-eight U.S. soldiers, two-thirds of the garrison, were butchered, in what is called the Balangiga Massacre.  Of the Filipinos who attacked, as many as 150 were killed.

American troops began retaliating as soon as the next day by returning to Balangiga in force and burning the now abandoned village.  General Jacob H. Smith, however, sought to punish the entire civilian population of the Samar province.  Arriving in Samar himself toward the end of October, Smith charged Major Littleton Waller with responsibility for punishing the inhabitants of Samar.  Smith issued Waller oral instructions concerning his duties.  These were recounted as follows (see below) in Smith and Waller’s court martial proceedings the following year in 1902.  These proceedings, indeed attention to the entire matter of U.S. Army conduct in the Philippines, were driven by the appearance of an interview with General Smith in the Manila Times on November 4, 1901.  During this interview, Smith confirmed that these had truly been his orders to Major Waller.

”’I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn: the more you kill and burn, the better you will please me,’ and, further, that he wanted all persons killed who were capable of bearing arms and in actual hostilities against the United States, and did, in reply to a question by Major Waller asking for an age limit, designate the limit as ten years of age. … General Smith did give instructions to Major Waller to ‘kill and burn’ and ‘make Samar a howling wilderness,’ and he admits that he wanted everybody killed capable of bearing arms, and that he did specify all over ten years of age, as the Samar boys of that age were equally as dangerous as their elders.”

Smith carried out his mission by having U.S. troops concentrate the local population into camps and towns.  Areas outside of these camps and towns were designated “dead zones” in which those who were found would be considered insurgents and summarily executed.  Tens of thousands of people were herded into these concentration camps.  Disease was the biggest killer in the camps, although precisely how many lives were lost during Smith’s pacification operations is not known.  For his part, Major Waller reported that over eleven days between the end of October and the middle of November 1901 his men burned 255 dwellings and killed 39 people.  Other officers under Smith’s command reported similar figures.  Concerning the overall number of dead, one scholar estimates that 8,344 people perished between January and April 1902.

The Balangiga bells are still held after being taken, in the U.S. at  to commemorate those U.S. soldiers lost in this battle despite our many attempts of gaining them back to where they rightfully belong.

The Pacification of the Philippines

At the outset of the fighting, American troops in the Philippines numbered around 40,000, but by 1902 this number had risen to 126,000.  During the first phase of the war, Aguinaldo’s men fought and lost a succession of formal battles against the U.S. Army.  In 1900, however, Aguinaldo abandoned head-on conflicts with the Americans and resorted to the guerrilla warfare tactics that had served him and his men so well against the Spanish.

For all the talk of bringing “civilization” to the Philippines, American commanders responded to the Filipino “insurgency” with the utmost brutality.  Over the course of the next decade, and especially in the first few years of the conflict, it became commonplace for entire villages to be burned and whole populations to be imprisoned in concentration camps.  No mercy was accorded to Filipino prisoner, a large number of whom were shot.  This certainly was not in keeping with the spirit of “benevolent assimilation” proclaimed by President McKinley.

From Liberators to Killers: American Attitudes Toward Filipinos

The attitudes of American commanders involved in pacifying the Philippines are remarkable for both their disdain for the people they had allegedly “liberated” and their willingness to resort to the most ruthless methods in suppressing resistance. For example, General J.M. Bell, wrote in December 1901:

“I am now assembling in the neighborhood of 2,500 men who will be used in columns of about fifty men each.  I take so large a command for the purpose of thoroughly searching each ravine, valley and mountain peak for insurgents and for food, expecting to destroy everything I find outside of towns.  All able bodied men will be killed or captured. … These people need a thrashing to teach them some good common sense; and they should have it for the good of all concerned.”

Filipino villagers were forced into concentration camps called reconcentrados which were surrounded by free-fire zones, or in other words “dead zones.” Furthermore, these camps were overcrowded and filled with disease, causing the death rate to be extremely high. Conditions in these “reconcentrados” were inhumane. Between January and April 1902, 8,350 prisoners of approximately 298,000 died. Some camps incurred death rates as high as 20 percent. “One camp was two miles by one mile (3.2 by 1.6 km) in area and ‘home’ to some 8,000 Filipinos. Men were rounded up for questioning, tortured, and summarily executed.”

Do you want me to go on even more? Because I could, oh I could and make an even longer rant and call out your colonial bullshit. Or are you that desperate to have us as a 51st state and don’t give a shit on our recent past and what would happen if we became a state and colonized by the U.S. again? And if that is the case, don’t call yourself a Filipin@ because you aren’t one and our ancestors have disowned you a long time ago.

As you read my introduction, you already knew that I am pro to this issue. Yes, I want the Philippines to be an American Colony.

Ya, sure. Ok. Let’s make it so our people lose land like Hawai’ians currently are. Let’s make it so white tourists take our land and pollute it, disrespect it, call it THEIRS. Let’s go back to their colonization of Filipina’s being made as prostitutes for the U.S. military. Let us go back to people dying and being raped by those white foreigners who will take our lands. Yes LETS. Want to know what has happened to the Hawai’ians since they were illegally made to be the 50th state? Ok here are some more links for ya to know HOW they became an illegal state until this very day, how it’s their colonization has effected them, and how many want to be free from the U.S. to be their own nation.

I want the Philippines be part of the stars in the flag of America. I want to be an American citizen. I want to be part of the world’s greatest country.

I’m sorry? The U.S. is the greatest fuckin’ country in the world? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ya. Fuckin’ right. Look here, I’m a U.S. citizen by birth. I was born here to immigrant Filipin@ parents. I was raised here. I live here. It ain’t all pretty sparkles, rainbows, wealth and glory trust me. And here is a newflash for ya. The U.S. is starting to come to its end of a powerful country, just like the U.K. did and Spain did in the past. Get that U.S. is a hero and the best in the world mentality out of your thick fuckin head.

And most of all, I want a better life ahead of me and for me to attain that, I need to embrace to the high hopes that one day the Philippines will eventually be a part of the United States.

You want a better life ahead of you? Really? Because *looks around* you aren’t going to find here, sorry. You want a better life? WORK FOR IT. Have faith in our damn country and do whatever it takes to improve it. Get educated on our past. Get educated on our cultures. Get educated on what is happening in the Philippines in terms of politics and social issues. And from that do something about it. Those who come to the U.S. to study, go back to the Philippines and take back what you learned and use it to help improve the country. Stop buying into all what the media says and lies. Look at South Korea for example. South Korea was one of the most impoverished countries only several years ago and looked up to the Philippines at one point. The people got motivated, worked hard, and got themselves out of that poverty fairly quickly and now look at them now. They believed in themselves and country. They sent their people to the U.S. and elsewhere to get a better education than they can give them in the country at that time and they returned back to help their people and country to the point they became the most fast growing country in terms of economy and wealth. You want the Philippines to get out of its poverty state? Take example of what South Korea did and take pride in your people, your country, and WORK HARD FOR IT.

Do you know how much I want to go back to the Philippines so I can do the same? A Filipina born in New York City, one of the greatest and well known cities in the world, and I want to leave it all. I want to live and work and stay in the Philippines and help improve it and the lives of my people in anyway I can. Why? Because I have faith in my homeland and people and THAT is something a lot of Filipin@’s like you, lack.

But this is my stand. This is, what I believe, for the betterment of our country. I am already sick of reading articles about patriotism and being nationalistic but people keeps on despising or even condemning fellow countrymen if they were subjected to shameful issues.

Again for the betterment of our country. Ok righttt. Nahh, because majority of the people are being patriotic and nationalistic for the wrong reasons, because the majority, like you, have no clue what to be nationalistic on. There are however a lot who are and that gives me hope that these people will start doing something and waking everybody else up like I try to do.

I am already tired of seeing headlines printed in capital letters saying bad things toward this nation. I am already tired of hearing gossips about the fast-rising economy of this country and yet no one in the lower class can feel it.

Again, DO something about it. Talk about it. Fight for it. What do you think all those who fight for our people and country do? What do you think of all those militant groups like Bayan and Anakbayan do every single day? Sleep? Nah, they do what they do because they are fighting for our country and people but all the media does is claim them as rebels and trouble makers because the media is influenced by the elite again anyway. Want to break that down? Fight for it. Fight for our struggles and help educate others on issues and speaking out on the lies the media and people of power spit right back to the people.

We cannot eliminate corruption because corruption is already part of our system since academe. We are bound to use power to acquire money and other things.

If only we surrendered and let the American people guide us to success, then claiming the islands in our West Philippine Sea would’ve been easier than this.

Then stop voting for corrupt politicians and again fight and help wake up those who are so brainwashed and fuckin colonized. Take them down and stop buying into what the media says and again fight.

And if we let the U.S. people “guide us to success”, we would just be where Native Americans and Hawai’ians stand today. Losing lands, losing jobs, being discriminated against, being seen as nothing more than “the little brown people of Asia”, losing our languages and cultures, people missing and raped left and right and the government not doing a thing.

So here is my message for ya and a little gif to explain my feelings for you, and every other damn fuckin person who wants the Philippines to be the fuckin 51st state.

My rant on my personal blog because sadly, these people exist and do want the Philippines to be the 51st American state and be a colony again. I haven’t put up any info on the U.S. colonization of the Philippines and their atrocities and the genocide of Filipin@’s yet on this blog, but those links above and what I put down I think will be enough for now.

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And just for fuck’s sake, I’ve never wanted to look like a white woman, only treated like I’m as beautiful as one



I can honestly say that I’ve never looked at a white woman and wanted lighter skin, or a European nose, or any of that. In fact, I like my features and the only thing that would make me feel like they’re inferior is the media and society at large. 

And I know that most white women don’t want to admit it, but they do benefit a lot from their whiteness when it comes to beauty, relationships, attraction, and so forth. Sexism and misogyny don’t negate white privilege. And only women are really judged by their beauty, and white women win out over women of color in that way.

And white women can be unattractive or plain-looking, but they’ll still get more attention that women of color who are beautiful. If two women have the same features, and one is white and one is a woman of color, the white woman will get praised for the same features that are unremarkable or even unattractive on a woman of color.

Women of color have to be fucking stand-out gorgeous to even get attention. And I feel like most white women don’t notice this, but I do. The few white women that I follow, most of them will reblog any feel-good post about a white woman and note how beautiful she is, but a woman of color won’t even get reblogged unless she is thin and with flawless skin. Women of color have to do more to get the same rewards.

And particularly women of color with darker skin. A light-skinned woman with natural hair can get reblogged, but you’d he hard pressed to see a dark-skinned woman with thousands of notes. And I can find thousands of pictures of thin white women on photoblogs that each have thousands of notes.

Like fuck, it’s annoying. But there’s also the white women who like to call attention to how they think all people are beautiful (despite what their blog shows). And then the white women who will feel the need to “bless” the inboxes of women of color and assure them that they’re beautiful particularly when they don’t want that. It’s some privileged microaggressive bullshit to think that women of color need your approval and hang on your every word.


Dark skin Black woman with shaven head— 30-100 notes

white woman or light skin woman with shaven head —500-6000 notes and countless people fapping over her about how quirky she is. 

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I’m not racist but I need to say this…



African Americans need to fucking STOP pulling the slavery heritage card!
I’m Native American.
You know what that means? My people were mass murdered, raped, kicked off our own land, converted and guess what?
You learn about The Trail of Tears in history class for about a week. WE GET ONE SMALL WEEK IN ONE CLASS. WE DON’T GET A FUCKING MONTH! You don’t hear me going around saying “Is it because I’m indian?” “You don’t get to speak to me like that, youuuuu don’t know what my ancestors went through”
First off, neither do you because you live in the 21st century.
Second off, your own people sold one another to the white men so look in the mirror and be pissed.
Third off, get the fuck overt it. You get free fucking college and benefits because of what your ancestors went through even if you’re like 1/16. I’m fucking 25% Indian but i don’t get benefits so shut the fuck up because my race got fucked harder! There is no excuse to be racist towards all white people now because all white people were once racist towards your ancestors. Past is the past, especially when it isn’t your very own past.
Slavery was fucked up.
Racism is fucked up but people need to stop pulling the race card in order to get rid of racism.
Best way to do that is picture everyone as your favourite color, that way they are all lovely and equal to you. It isn’t until you get to know them on the inside that you get to turn them to your least favourite color. I see everyone as lime green until you piss me off, then you become an ugly ass yellowish/orange color!

Dear White Folk,
Saying the phrase “I’m not racist, but” is a clear indicator that you actually are a racist.

Dear White Folk,
There is no such thing as a Race Card which gets us out of any situation.

Dear White Folk,
Colorblindness is a facet of racism.

Dear White Folk,
Good for you if you have Native American heritage, but you’re still white. Being 1/8th Cherokee or whatever or less doesn’t count. You don’t get to play the “Native American Race Card”.

Karp’s comment and the multiple faces of black pain


This post is about some of the sneaky, self-righteous, judgmental, demeaning and down right stupid and ignorant comments made by some black people regarding the outrage Karp’s words caused among other black people on this site, proving me once again that if voices are all equal, opinions definitely aren’t. 

It is more or less a letter addressed to black Tumblr.

I felt compelled to write this post because I think this issue illustrates what is problematic within most pro-black movements and it can also be applied to some extend to life in general: The total lack of compassion and understanding between people of a same oppressed group - here, black people. 

Each of us is walking on a unique path of life with personal motives, hence we all experience blackness and white supremacy with the same individuality we we live our lives. Some of us come from countries where the word ‘colored’ is a slur, others don’t. Some of us come from places where a phenotype defines an identity others don’t. Some of us were born and raised at the heart of white supremacy, others weren’t. Our journeys as black people within white supremacy are so personal that it often happens that, the pains and scars that some of us get on the way, may not be understood and/or shared by other black people. So we all experience our blackness differently and I want to stress this: There is no right or wrong way to live your oppression - obviously as long as you do not actively try to silence, shame, dehumanize or adopt oppressive tactics and behaviours in order to hurt your peers. And this is where the problem lies.

I have been on this site for about a year now and most of the tensions within what I would call ‘Black Tumblr’ takes roots in the fact that most are truly convinced that blackness and black rage/pain are something carved in rock. While like I have said previously, they are NOT things of their own and are inseperable from the heart and soul of those who experience them. Consequently, believing such a fallacy - i.e that blackness is a thing in itself - many NEVER make the effort necessary to relate and/or understand the motives of other black people. This obviously leads them to adopt self-righteous postures that result in them shaming, silencing and hurting their black peers. This is basically all I have seen during all those months spent on this site, people thinking that the way they experince blackness is the only that is and that should be; hence any rage or pain, they can’t relate to or do not understand is illegitimate. They don’t try. Actually no one really tries to understand the other. It is funny because we all have this thing in common, our blackness, but as long as we do not understand that we experience it in unique ways, that commonality would mean nothing. Blackness, black pain and black rage have as many faces as they are black people!!! Damnit!!

So one can imagine my reaction when I saw comments such: “Why are they all up in uproar because of that post, they are ridiculous.”, “I see nothing wrong with what he said, so why don’t they shut up!”, “If this upsets you so much, you just can’t handle the real world, get off Tumblr!!”. This kind of comments were made by self-righteous and imbecile cocks, at the high of their insensitivity, convinced that if something do not shock or hurt them as a black person, it should be the same for every other black person. Henceforth, these comments shame and try  to ridicule other black people in the way they experience their blackness.

To some of you, black folks out there who think that Karp’s comment is harmless and feel the need to belittle and laugh at black people considering leaving this platform: You obviously have never woken up to tens of racially abusive messages in your ask box. If you had, you would know that Mr Karp and his minions, do not give a flying fuck and do not consider the use of the n-word hate speech, they may actually threaten to ban your black ass for defending yourself. Mr Karp does not offer support of any kind to black people victim of racism on his fucking website and this is absolutely unacceptable!! Especially when we have psychos like Sophie Von Bayern roaming around, when black women fighting for having their voices heard and respected, are mercilessly harassed and receive death threats almost daily, when aerial views of several bloggers’ houses and their personal information are published without their consent!! People fear for their safety and Karp’s comment is about YOUR safety as a black person on his website too!! You don’t get it?? Fine. But what about you keep your unintelligent verbal vomit to yourself instead of trying to shame and ridicule others??


Race shit that makes not a lick of sense.


If ever a black person and a white person get heated in a conversation on race, the surrounding white folks will be convinced and express that the black person has a chip on their shoulder or an exaggerated bias. But that is NEVER said about the white person. Why? Because white is right to them, of course. Whiteness is of reason, white is rational. Black is savage, uncouth, incapable of being rational.

Nobody every says “hey, maybe you’re being biased because you’re white.” but we can barely SPEAK on this shit without some cracker saying this shit.

MEANWHILE your ass wouldn’t even be suggesting they had a “chip on their shoulder” or a bias if you didn’t think that there is a reason black people should feel that bias. If you didn’t know that we’ve been extremely wronged, constantly, for centuries, then that whole ‘bias’ theory wouldn’t have even come to your mind.



Why “Exotic” is not a Compliment

The other day I was working at my coffeeshop and this white hippie woman comes in. She had two short braids and a number of necklaces adorning her neck and chest. She orders a double espresso over ice and as I take her money she says, “You are very beautiful.” I smile and thank her for the compliment but she wasn’t done. “Yeah,” she says, “You are so exotic looking. You have a very exotic beauty. Where are you from?”

It was like a record needle screeching to a halt. I blinked twice. How did this “compliment” start off so lovely and end so disastrously? I give her what she is asking for, if only to get rid of her, “My mother is from Colombia,” I say.

She replies, “Oh yeah. Your people are so magical. They really had it figured out. I went to South America to study with some shamans…”

At this point, it’s all I can do from throwing scalding hot coffee in her face and tell her to go fuck herself.

This is just one example of the objectification and commodification of PoC and non-Western cultures for the easy consumption of white folk. By labeling me “exotic” and calling my people “magical” she was otherizing me and my people. I’m a fucking first generation American, not some noble Native princess. In trying to give me a “compliment” she only succeeded in stripping me of my humanity and reduced me to a caricature. She completely erased all of my struggles, fears, triumphs, hopes and dreams and placed me in this tiny little box so that she could feel comfortable with my brownness. My otherness challenges her whiteness and so she erases my personhood to feel comfortable with me.

The reason for this is because being “exotic” means that you are not natural. My brown skin, full lips and wild hair are all aberrations from the norm. I am not white, so I must be from some mystical, far-flung land. I am not strange or unique. And most importantly, my brownness makes me an object to be consumed by my white counterparts.

And she did this to not only me but also to South America and all of its inhabitiants. Because, you know, we are all magical and different countries/nationalities don’t exist when you are magical!

And she can do this because she has the societal power of whiteness.

I am so tired of being a stranger in a land that, in all honesty, I have more of a right to than these white folk whose ancestors colonized mine. And the worst part is that if I called her out on her racist bullshit, she either would have started crying or get defensive or turn and call me racist! And that is one of the most egregious aspects of white supremacy today; if you call bullshit, the white folk deny that they are complicit in it, and they call you a racist for accusing them of racism! It’s so hard to engage with white folk on their racism because they have been taught to not see it. And so when it’s pointed out to them, all they can do is point it back at the victim. Its a fucking catch-22. You grind your teeth and bear it with silence or you call it out and get your experience erased.

Either way, headaches and heartaches will ensue.

I just read your blog post on this and left some comments…

What the fuck are the comments on this? Like… are they forreal?

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I’m starting to believe that us ‘Casual anime fans’ aren’t going to be welcome at conventions for much longer.


Which makes me sad, especially since I’ve been going to conventions for a lot longer than some of these snotty little fuckers. I’ve gone through my weeb phase and I’ve come out of the end of it a more mature person (no laughing! it’s true!). And because of that I’m not allowed to be considered when it comes to convention entertainment anymore?

I go to Conventions like Ame and Aya and they’re hard core, full blown ANIME! everything is anime and Japanese culture! And I’m perfectly fine with that. Sure, I don’t know shit about all these current series that are going about, but does that mean I don’t deserve to be there? Cause it’s sure starting to feel that way. I don’t stand in these conventions, stomp my feet and say “Hey! I’m only a casual anime fan, do some fucking generic non anime related shit so that I can feel included!”

Then we get Kitacon! The convention that understands that not everyone is a hard core anime fan. I have been to all 3 Kitacon events and I have had a fucking blast at all of them. And the reason for that is because they try to cater for all variety of anime fans.

They understand that some of us love anime so much that our brains will explode from KAWAII UGUU OVERDRIVE!

They understand that some of us love anime, but aren’t overly keen on Japanese music.

They understand that some of us love anime, but also have other interests mildly related to anime in some way/shape/form.

They understand that some of us are anime fans from the 80’s/90’s, who still come along to these things to hang out with people, make some new friends, and generally have a damn good time.

And what makes Kitacon so good is that they look at all these people and say “How can we entertain each and every single one of them adequately?”

If it wasn’t for Kitacon I probably would have stopped going to conventions a long time ago. But it’s what keeps me going, what keeps my mild interest in anime alive. I don’t like most of the current anime, but if it wasn’t for Kitacon, I would never have discovered little gems like “Panty and Stocking” which I freaking LOVE!

I’ve heard people complain about the lack of anime related panels running. Do you actually think this is actually the committees fault? do you think they approve non anime panels OVER anime panels? Because they don’t. The approve what people have proposed, and if most people have proposed non anime events (Like myself) and there are no other events in place, then they’re going to get approved!

If you want anime panels THAT badly, then step the fuck up and fucking run one! these panels wouldn’t run at all if it wasn’t for the attendees. And it’s not like we get a discount for running them or anything. We’re still paying full price for our badges, and we’re taking time out of our schedule to run these panels for you. Don’t be a fucking dick about it.

As for the music. This has been a touchy subject for a while. (and before anyone even fucking says it, this part of the post is not aimed at anyone in particular. I don’t fucking care for the FB drama this evening anymore)

In regard to last year, the music was a bit off. I had a fucking blast regardless and enjoyed that they really mixed things up a bit. But it wasn’t met with a very positive response. So what have the DJ’s done? they’ve said “let’s work on this” and they’ve come up with the most spectacular line up of parties I’ve ever seen at a convention. I’m genuinely excited about these parties and I can’t wait to attend them and dance my feet off.

They’re still met with massive amounts of criticism. Some of which I can understand, and some of it is just idiots being fucking dick heads.

What these people have to understand is that they are catering for the majority of the attendees. If they demand this music, then that is what’s going to be played, pure and simple. 

Considering that there has been a music request thread up for a few days now, I’m not seeing many of these 1000 attendees in there making music requests or offering constructive criticism. So as far as I’m concerned, they don’t have a fucking right to moan. 

I’ve not made a single music request this year. The reason being that I have every faith that the DJ’s will keep me highly entertained regardless of what they play. I like Japanese music, but I also like rock, metal, cheesy 80’s/90’s pop and silly songs like the fucking birdy song. All of this has been considered because THIS is what the majority of people have also said!

There have also been people complaining about the fact that people are cosplaying things that aren’t anime related. To these people I say this.

You are aware that the act of ‘Cosplay’ itself is Japanese. And if you look at Japanese conventions you will see people cosplaying non anime things.

There is also the fact that people have been cosplaying non anime related cosplays for fucking years! Why the hell are these people coming out of the woodwork to moan about it now? So you can add another unnecessary negative mark against Kitacon? The con that caters to everyone? NOT JUST YOU!

My final words on the matter are this. If you’ve unhappy with what’s going on at Kitacon, then please DROP OUT. In case you people haven’t noticed, the waiting list is HUGE. And it’s all filled with people who WANT to be at Kitacon. People who want to come to these terrible parties with their lack of anime music. People who want to come along in non anime related cosplay and hang out with other people in non anime related cosplay. Who want to come to the non anime related panels because no one decided to stand up and run one to your liking.

No one has a fucking gun pointed at your head saying “You better be there and you better fucking like it!”. I could maybe understand if Kitacon were struggling to fill spaces, but they’re not! they’re overwhelmed with people wanting to go so badly.

Stupid white individuals…………..STFU


December 31, 2011:

Unless you lack basic reading comprehension, you should be able to immediately get that I’m not about to fuss about white people in general or as a whole.  Just the dumbasses, and this is specific to them, because non-white people will get what I’m about to say (except the ignorant white-identifying white supremacist non-white people, and don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, because I KNOW everyone can think of at least ONE non-white person like that).  Got it?  Good.

Stupid white individuals, I need you to STFU.  Have a seat.  Have a whole row of seats, a whole stadium of seats.  But STFU and sit yourselves down somewhere.

Stop asking stupid questions that just reveal your ignorance, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

“How come [insert racial/ethnic group] get their own channel/magazine/website/store aisle/schools/businesses/whatever?”

Stupid white individuals, that you even feel the need to ask, to THINK such nonsense, shows how stupid and racist and ignorant you are, and yes you ARE stupid and racist and ignorant and I hope I DO offend you, because IDGAF about what stupid people think, especially those who don’t mind white supremacy being imposed on everyone on the damn planet, then getting offended when non-white people create spaces for themselves in which they can be comfortable and feel safe and breathe and just be themselves without you morons judging everything about them.

Stupid white individuals, STFU and get over yourselves.  Everything is NOT about you, doesn’t HAVE to be about you, and should NOT be about you.  But it is, because you racist fools make it so.

Stupid white individuals, it wouldn’t hurt you in the least to get your heads out your butts and at least try to think from another point of view, the way non-white people are constantly forced daily.

Stupid white individuals, how can you even get offended?  You have no business getting offended, and your offense is offensive.  As well as racist and OPPRESSIVE AS HELL.

Stupid white individuals, do you not realize that NOBODY LIKES YOU?  NO ONE LIKES YOU, except other stupid white individuals.  The white people who ARE decent don’t like you.  You embarrass them and make them look bad.  Non-white people CERTAINLY don’t like you.  At all.  Why should they?  You don’t deserve to be liked, you don’t even deserve respect, though you piss and moan and whine and scream and yell and kick and fight and attack and oppress and force it out of others.

Stupid white individuals, YOU SUCK.

Why do non-white people have their own websites?  Simple.  Morons like you snub them, talk down to them, belittle them, ignore them, ridicule them, make fun of them, degrade them, dehumanize them, demoralize them, interrupt them, dismiss them, stereotype them, caricature them, then you fools go out of your way to specify you DON’T want anything to do with them.  Yet you stupid white individuals have no problem stealing from them, whether it’s culture, language, food, recipes, whatever.  All while you stupid white individuals ‘conveniently’ ‘forget’ to give credit where credit is due, and you act like you made it up.

Why do non-white people have their own channels?  Simple.  Morons like you only ever want to show and portray yourselves.  You act as if you are the default humans, you ‘Other’ everyone else, and newsflash, no one but yourselves wants to look at you nonstop all day everyday.  When you DO include non-white people, it’s only ever in the context of yourselves.  You make non-white people one-dimensional when you portray them.  You make them into side kicks and support for yourselves to glorify yourselves and make yourselves look better.  You even like to claim that every light skinned character in a cartoon or anime is white (WTF?!)  .You convince yourselves that only YOU are desirable enough to be seen, even though it’s been proven time and time again that non-white people are just as marketable as yourselves.  You’d rather show mythical creatures and people with unnatural skin colors like blue and green and lavender than to show non-white people, and don’t think non-white people haven’t noticed.  They notice and see it everyday.  You just CAN’T STAND the idea that the universe didn’t come out your asses.

Why do non-white people have their own magazines?  Simple.  They don’t see themselves enough in YOURS.  Stupid white individuals, you see yourselves everywhere at all times, but for non-white people, it’s a case of ‘Spot the person of color’ in a sea of whiteness.

Why do non-white people have their own schools?  Simple.  You stupid white individuals wouldn’t let them into yours, and when you begrudgingly did, only after other white people with more sense than you made you do it, you gave non-white people a hard time, gave them inferior supplies, didn’t bother trying to teach them at all (but then had the nerve to call non-white students dumb, imagine that), harassed them, threatened them, sometimes killed them, disciplined them more, made it harder for them to succeed, etc. 

Why do non-white people have their own businesses and scholarships?  Simple.  You stupid white individuals wouldn’t hire them, would only give promotions to other white people, and made it insanely expensive to attend school for many non-white people, but you still couldn’t keep enough of them from succeeding and excelling and doing better than yourselves.  Every time you’ve put a hurdle in place, they eventually jump over it, and it freaks you out.  Stupid white individuals, why do you hate competition?  Why are you so intimidated by anyone but yourselves?  Is that why you slander non-white people, choose to portray them negatively, create bullshit laws that target them, are so quick to punish them for the slightest things, and brainwash them into idolizing you?

Let’s not even go into the history of what stupid white individuals have done all over the world, how many lives and cultures and histories have been destroyed and lost forever because of stupid white individuals.

Stupid white individuals, non-white people create spaces for themselves because YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO EXIST IN YOURS. 

But you STILL have the nerve to ask why people create spaces for themselves even though YOU ARE EVERYWHERE, stupid white individuals?  REALLY?

Stupid white individuals, EVERYONE ELSE IS SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT.  Even other white people think you’re moronic dumbass idiots. 

Anytime one of you asks a stupid question of why a group of people have something for themselves, everyone else is rolling their eyes at you.

Do the world a favor and don’t have kids. 

I cannot possibly verbally (or in any other form) properly explain to you how very very tired I am of whiteness.


Of being able to go the the movies and see full, 2 and a half hour features of nothing but white people. (Not to mention if someone makes a movie with a good amount of black people, suddenly its a niche film just for blacks, but white movies are for all, ya’ll!)

Its like we worship them on the daily. On our computer screens, our TV screens, our movie screens. With our hair, with our learned capitalism, our jesus-love. Worship worship worship.

Do any of them even KNOW that they are not the world’s majority?

When you are not, at all, the world’s majority of the population, yet you dominate in such a way that it is impossible to live in any “developed” part of the world without being effected by beauty standards that adhere to your people, enjoy entertainment that is so heavily populated by your people, when you and your white skin have become the norm for us all, when you can walk through the financial district of NYC amongst $4000/mo. studio apartments, all rented by people that look like you, with doormen/maids/homeless folk that look like me, how do you NOT see your privilege?

How does that bootstrap/”we worked hard”/”we gave you your rights” drivel really cloud the vision so successfully? What, you think brown/black skin folks are inherently ALL lazy? Let’s think about this. I mean look around, what much is different between now and the technical slave state we were in not that long ago?

What really is different? I’m still serving your pleasure, smiling in your face, working overtime constantly just for the bare minimum while you lavish about. Just to be able to afford a not-so-sturdy roof over my head and the cheapest food I can find. Really. The amount you are handed is just infuriating. How do you not see?

How did we come to praise and aspire to be like the people who have and still are oppressed/oppressing us? We want to be billionaires so freaking bad? What? No. Snap out of it. That’s how we got here in the first place.

I don’t want a white mask. I don’t want a perm. I don’t want to be a capitalist. I do not want to be you, I want to end you. I want to live. I want people who look like me to be able to live to. To eat. Not to die working just to live, that is ass backwards.

I’m so tired of ya’ll.




I just reblogged a “we are a culture not a costume” post, I never liked these when they came up on my other tumblr’s dashboard only a vampire one made me laugh very hard and was worth reblogging, but for the rest of them I thought they were over all stupid. They were trying to tell people that we are not allowed to appreciate and use things from another culture. Yes, there are people who are jerks but there are people who use things in respect and pure appreciation for another culture.

For a long time I used some African jewelry and people often told me I shouldn’t because it was disrespectful to the black people. What people did not know when they said this to me was that I may look white but I have African and Native Brazilian blood in my veins and I respect both cultures with great love, even more than I respect the culture that made me born with white skin. Skin is only skin, I could have been born with my grandmother’s black skin, I could have been born with my mother’s curly hair, I could have been born with native features, but I was born with my father’s family’s white skin and straight as fuck hair and it does not change the blood pumping through my heart. Even if I did not have African back ground I don’t think using African jewelry would be disrespectful if used in a way it was clear I was not mocking anybody.

Well, before you go around telling people how they should not use this or that because they have certain skin color that does not apply to the culture they are showing appreciation for ask about their family, you might find out how stupid you are when you realize people have a lot more in their blood than in their skin.

And if you say things like “you have this skin color so you can use or do this or that” to somebody in my eyes you are just a racist fucker. I’m sorry, but that is just what you are. 

Media is overrated.



Remember when Halloween was fun? Know that it still is? Yea. Remember when THE MEDIA NEVER BITCHED ABOUT COSTUMES BEING RACIST!? Those. Were. Good. Times. Now apparently dressing up as a Geisha or a Mexican is racist. Really people? Come on! Seriously! Pull your heads out of your arse and stop complaining about every little thing that you can twist the world into thinking is racist.

Oh, sorry, let me go as a zombie. Oh wait, I can’t, because that’s racist too. Well then let me go as a cute little dutch girl. Whaaa? Racist? How the hell is that racist!? I can’t go as a zombie nazi or a WW2 evacuee? Dude, whatever. Get off your high horse and let the kids have fun and be whatever they want. Seriously. Halloween is about creativity and having fun… and… getting lots of candy… So like, don’t interfere with one of the best holidays out there.
(I personally thought the costume was rather cute, and I thought it was nifty that it was kind of historical in a sense too. But apparently the media looooves to make a big deal out of anything and everything they can.)

Remember when we could all be racist and no one cared? Good times, gooooood tiiimes.

pink people





blackface is not funny. don’t nudge me while i am ordering ice cream to ask me how to do the stanky leg. don’t play in my hair. don’t comment on my lips…yes they are real. don’t ask me to shake my ass for you. don’t mock my “mmm hmms”. this is what irritates me about you.

 Do not speak to me in fluent and or archaic slang. It’s insulting and it does not look or sound cool. Do not ask my thoughts on Nikki Minaj, Wayne, etc. You will be sorely dissapointed when you find I loathe their ilk. Do not touch my hair without asking. DO NOT show me pictures of Angelina’s lone black child and comment on how beautiful she is because you feel as though I am the only person that can appreciate it. Do not talk to me only about things that seem culturally/sterotypically black. Do not expect me to live in a certain place, in a certain side of town, in a certain kind of house because I’m black. And do not be surprised when I appear to be insulted if you do any of the above.

Don’t think that just because I might not be African American that I’m OK with colorism and racism against black folk. Hell, don’t think that because we’re Latino, I’m OK with colorism and racism against black folk. But back to the pink people-Don’t expect me to sit here and give you a Colonialism 101 lesson your own people’s marvelous history because you can’t understand how I’m black and Latina. Do not rant ignorantly and self-righteously to me about how “sexist/misogynist” American hip hop, rap, and R&B is like it’s some alarming phenomena that is irrevocably rampant in those styles of music, that blacks created, and nice edumacated white folks never engage in.

Dont expect me to be flattered when you hit on me by projecting your tokenizing and fetishizing images of Asian/South Asian women. Dont ask me what languages I speak and if I can communicate with half a billion people simply because you cannot distinguish Bengali from Gujrati from Urdu from Tamil. Dont ask me why I’m not behind a veil, if my parents believe in killing Christians, if the Hindi guy behind the 711 counter is my daddy, how come I speak English so well considering I wasn’t born here. And why are you always surprised when I say I’m not a pharm major or interested in personifying le status quo?

Don’t expect anything but a caustic sarcastic straight up fuck you of an answer when you inevitably ask me where I’m from. Don’t try and guess, or tell me what I look like. And don’t act as though your holiday in Thailand in the 70s, your brother-in-law in Australia, or your uncle who once tried to kill the president of Malaysia over child labour laws makes you an expert on my identity. My identity by itself causes violence.

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