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I like how my high school had a club for Blacks, Latinos, Indians, and Asians, but no group for white students. Because that would be “racist.”

Yes, yes it would be.

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I wish we still danced like the 20’s and 30’s



This is the best gif set ever.

And then theres that one ^

What the fuck is wrong with twerkin? I’m not here for your cracka ass gifset of dances those honkies are doin. Most of that shit is 1. Bland as fuck 2. Stolen from black and brown folks and watered down so they stupid asses can do it. 

You mad cuz y’all no ass having muthafuckas know no matter how hard you try, twerkin is something you will never fully master. 

Sit the fuck down with this antiblack bullshit. 

I swear to GOD white people gonna make me lose my mind!!!!!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH they tried to shit on twerking but look at those boring-ass-fuck dance moves in the gifset. I’d rather twerking to that watered down boring bullshit any day.

I can tell you from the top of my head that the 1921-28 GIF are dances stolen from the Senegalese slaves brought to Charleston, SC, who did a dance called “Sunu” with the exact same moves.

White people then took it, watered it down to something they can do (the actual dance moves are way more animated and energetic), and decided to popularize it.

1930-47 are dances stolen from West Africa once again.

1957-67 stolen from Black dance clubs of that era.

1992-98 at this point white people were just stealing from Black folks openly.

2006-2012 white people have completely appropriated Black culture in order to keep themselves entertained…and still look silly doing it.

…which is why when white people come to my mother’s dance workshops they can never keep up.

That’s fine. I don’t like y’all getting in my way anyway.


And 20 years from now there will be a gifset of some assless white girls “twerking”.


everything but the first one is stolen black dance…thanks for chronicling your theft

Everything I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words for.

Alright, I’m going to start by saying that I find some of the comments above highly disturbing. It’s unsettling to me that people are making a big deal about the dancers being white. Unsettling enough that I have to get on my soapbox.

Just because something is derived from a certain culture, does not mean that people not from said culture are not allowed to take part in it. I’m a young, Caucasian female, and I’ve been a swing dancer and a Lindy Hopper for going on three years. Am I not allowed to dance Lindy Hop because it’s a dance that was created by African Americans in Harlem, or am I just not allowed to post a gifset of my white partner and I?

What I find upsetting is the double standard on issues like this. I’ve heard quite a few racist comments throughout my life, and they all sicken me, no matter which race is being targeted.  If these dancers or the creator of this gifset are being verbally attacked for white people doing moves that black people created where does it stop? If that’s the rule then I’m not allowed to post a video of me doing the Shim Sham, because Frankie Manning, the creator, was African American, no one but white people can post pictures taken of them reading Harry Potter because it was written by a Caucasian (by this rule, that goes for Asians and people from the Middle East too). If an African American is singing a Beatles song, are they stealing the Caucasian culture? No, they’re taking part in something they enjoy. Race has nothing to do with entertainment. 

I know that some people are going to say “Oh, you’re just a whiny white girl, you don’t know shit.” And that’s precisely my point. I have no tolerance for any sort of racist comments, and that’s what I see these comments complaining that the dancers are white as. The term that is used for this sort of racism is called “Reverse Racism” but I’ve always hated that term. There’s no such thing as “reverse racism” Racism is racism. 

Why the focus on “reverse racism” by (mostly) white people bothers me.


Okay, I’m trying to put this in the way for those who believe in reverse racism (and if you’re going to tell me “It’s not reverse racism, it’s just racism!” you’re not that original and please stop talking) to understand.

Say, there’s two different children in school. Child A is generally perceived as ugly, annoying, unlikable, weird, awkward, dumb, and other traits generally judged to be negative and undesirable. Child B is generally perceived as socially adept, attractive, smart, etc.

So, Child A faces bullying daily. Sometimes it’s obvious verbal and physical abuse, other times it’s indirect and subtler aggressions. We’re talking everyday of their lives, and it affects their mental well-being as well as physical.

Child B on the other hand, has only faced two or three incidents of cruelty from other kids. Once when another kid told them “I hate you!”, another time when two kids decided to bother them for the day, and a final time when a kid told them they were dumb and useless. 

Now, imagine if Child A was talking about how hard it is to go to school and face all that bullying, and Child B buts in to talk about how they face bullying too, they’ve cried because of other children’s cruelty too, and therefore their experiences are on the same level, that clearly they’ve experienced bullying too.

And instead of focusing on helping Child A get through their school years well, instead of standing up for them when they are getting bullied, instead of thinking, Wow, Child A actually faces a lot of hardships and I’m lucky I’ve only had a few unpleasantries my whole school years, Child B feels the need to assert that they have experienced bullying, that their experiences are on the same level and equally wrong as Child A’s experiences.

But they’re not. Child B goes to school and receives validation, attention, and love from their peers. The incidents of cruelty were isolated and therefore not bullying. But Child B insists anyway, after all the definitions of “bully” in Merriam Webster include “1: to treat abusively” and “2: to affect by means of force or coercion” and therefore they totally faced bullying to. 

Instead of seeing those isolated incidents as what they were, Child B chooses to deny they’ve had it better off than Child A. 

Yes all cruelty both children faced was wrong but it is obviously not comparable.

And this exactly what white people do when they complain about reverse racism.

They treat isolated incidents of prejudice (or even just mistrust) from PoCs as being on the same level as what PoCs face everyday. 

There’s also the argument of why not just refer to institutionalized racism as institutionalized racism. That’s because racism for PoCs is not just institutionally established, it’s culturally ingrained, along with existing on a personal level, facing racism from white people (and other PoCs, but mostly white people) on an individual, face-to-face, interacting-with-them basis.

Do you know how far “racism” goes for white people? It ends at a PoC saying “I hate white people.”  (Which I actually don’t see being said all that often, funny thing that is.) It ends at a PoC being suspicious of them. It ends at an immediate, shallow, and always occasional, personal level. There is no institutional, cultural, or deeply rooted personal-level racism. 

Yet somehow it’s really important to note that prejudice or discrimination towards white people by PoCs is wrong and racism. Even though it isn’t racism, but whites feel the need to use a shallow, inaccurate definition from the dictionary to supposrt their beliefs. Is it wrong to treat a white person like shit just for being white? Sure. But there’s no way in hell it’s racism, on any level.

And why should we focus on those isolated, rare incidents of discrimination or prejudice towards whites, when there’s so much ingrained racism towards PoCs in every walk of PoCs’ lives?

This is saying occasional distress from meanness is on the same level as daily distress from racism. 

It’s like comparing sadness to depression, and saying to a depressed person “I feel sadness too! It sucks just as much!”

(Not sure if this the kind of submission you look for on this blog. If it isn’t, I apologize.)

K: This is actually a terrific explanation. Thank you

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PSA: patterns are not the same as stereotypes


When people say all asians are good at karate, that’s a stereotype. It is based on some small fact— that karate is a Japanese martial art— but it’s grossly exaggerated into characterizing an entire group of people. It’s a caricature, like saying all asians have slanty eyes and confuse their R’s and L’S. Those things are based on actual facts, but they are blown way out of proportion and made to dehumanize people. That’s a stereotype. 

When People of Color talk about being afraid of the police because they’re white, that’s not a stereotype. It’s a pattern. As in, you can legitimately prove that PoC (especially Black and Latin@ people) are vastly, statistically more likely to be murdered, beaten, or otherwise mistreated by cops. This is a proven fact by scientific study and lots of personal experience.

And even more so, believing in a pattern is a matter of survival— a  white guy could make a racist joke any day and move on and not face any negative consequences. PoC have to watch how they speak and act around cops because they could actually get hurt and even die. It doesn’t matter that for every 100 cops, there’s 1 good cop. The pattern is there, it’s real, and if you don’t follow it bad shit could happen. It’s survival. 

A stereotype is bullshit. A stereotype is a joke made at the expense of other people that eventually snowballs into real world consequences. A pattern is about surviving to see the next day, about a lifetime or repeated occurrences that clearly outline how a group of people is and can absolutely become a threat to you. A stereotype is one tiny thing you decided to harp on until it became an imagined threat, a difference that you could not reconcile with your small worldview. A pattern is about making sure that the people you love don’t get killed. 

Patterns =/= stereotypes. It’s nice that you’re an exception to the pattern, but my characterizing all people like you as such is most certainly not a dehumanizing stereotype. Check yourself.

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Had to make this rebloggable.

Last paragraph basically summarizes why reverse racism does not exist

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Racism is not a two way street…


It’s more like two-story outhouse where only white people get access to the top floor. If you’re taking a shit, and a person of color starts yelling at you from somewhere below, that’s not reverse racism, that’s a natural response to getting shit on. If you want to do something about it, start by taking a look at how the outhouse was built and ask yourself why it was built that way? If you’re uncomfortable with people complaining about your shit, stop for a minute and think about all your shit and where it goes and who it affects. We’ve been shitting downstairs for centuries and now we’re looking down our toilets at the rest of the world yelling “Don’t you dare point your finger at me! We’ve kept our bathroom clean up here and yours is covered in shit. If you want a clean bathroom, clean up your own shit!” Meanwhile we just keep shitting on the rest of the world from the top floor and complaining about the smell comming from downstairs.

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"When a group of people has little or no power over you, they don’t get to define the terms of your existence, they can’t limit your opportunities, and you needn’t worry much about the use of a slur to describe you, since, in all likelihood, the slur is as far as it’s going to go. What are they going to do next: deny you a bank loan? Yeah, right. So whereas “nigger” is a term used by whites to dehumanize blacks, to “put them in their place” if you will, the same cannot be said of honky; after all, you can’t put white people in their place when they own the place to begin with."

Tim White on “reverse racism” 

I hate to be quoting a cis white dude on the subject though. 
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you want reverse racism?


lemme shove you out all the positions of power

deny you access to all your basic needs

quarter, skin, hang, burn, villify and enslave you

en masse

degrade every last physical trait and your existence

and take credit for anything youve ever done well

for several hundreds years at that

and then

we can talk about how

“reverse racist” i am

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question to white people: do you really think indigenous people and poc are being “mollycoddled”?


Do you really think we get free money and extra benefits and special rights?

Do you really think we get any breaks that you don’t?

Can you point to ANY instance of this preferential treatment taking place, with sources?

Can you also explain to me HOW and WHY was it preferential and unfair, taking into account all applicable historical and socioeconomical factors?

I’m really, truly, genuinely curious.

Reblogging for relevance.

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“Reverse racism is a reason why racism still exists.”


“Reverse racism is a reason why racism still exists.”







You are appropriating racial identities in a way that is stereotyping and offensive. You are essentially saying that race is a fluid identity.  It is not. Racial identity is what you are born as. End. Of. Story.  

Which leads me to another thing I keep seeing on my dash:

Just because your people used to not be considered white does not make you oppressed, nor does it prove anything about the oppression of white people.

I understand that Irish people were treated like shit in America’s history, but bringing that shit up in an argument about white privilege IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY AND OFFENSIVE.  You are marginalizing the current experience of PEOPLE OF COLOR.

“White,” by the way, is not a race. It’s a non-race.  It’s what you are when society considers you the default. If “White” were an immutable race, then guess what? Filipinos would be white.  So would Middle Easterners.  Know why? They were considered “white” in the past. While simultaneously being a “race.”  What’s changed? Societal perception and treatment.  What hasn’t changed? Their ethnic background. 

So….stop. Just stop. I don’t give a fuck about how hard you think it is, because all these POCs be making you feel excluded from a discussion about personal racial oppression. I don’t care about how guilty you feel, because we’re accusing you of having privilege.  Racial oppression is NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE EQUATED by BEING WHITE. 

That is all. 


Too funny to not reblog.


Too funny to not reblog.

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Here it is


Here it is

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Most racist, bigoted piece of shit on Tumblr, or best troll ever? You be the judge.

also glad you tagged it nigger. Just peachy. 

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Have you ever noticed



whenever black people are bitter toward white people, everyone acts as if that black person is the problem? They’re told to change their actions: don’t let it upset you, don’t judge all white people based on the bad ones, don’t generalize, etc. Is there any bigger sign that we live in a white supremacist society when when 50% of white people are fucking us over and the other 50% are telling us that we’re not allowed to get mad about it because DAS RACIST.

No. My getting bitter about the racism I face every day is not racist. It is an effect of the racism that has been leveled against me. That’s why reverse racism is the biggest load of bullshit you white people have conjured up in awhile. White people, when you say that POC shouldn’t “judge all white people,” what you’re effectively doing is skipping right over the root cause of the bitterness (which is racism against POC by whites) in an effort to make things easier on yourself. You’re saying that the racism POC suffer is less important than making sure your precious white feelings aren’t hurt by being judged. 

If you don’t want POC to be bitter toward you, then help us tear down the white supremacist structure. Correct your own racist thoughts and actions and correct those of your friends and family. It is not our job to react to racism with a smile on our face, a tap dance in our feet, and a negro spiritual on our lips.

thank you! i’m not alleviating anybody’s feelings because they feel “uncomfortable” imagine how we feel then

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