Is this hat for fucking real?






And this site doesn’t even mince words about how it’s a rice paddy hat! And this one even says it ‘sure looks funny’ in the description! Asians and their funny clothes, am I right? And the reviews have gold like someone calling the hat ‘clearly kind of crazy looking’ and someone talking about how they get nicknamed ‘rice merchant’ when they wear it, and isn’t that such a great conversation starter? It’s not as if white people haven’t used the image of that perfectly good and practical hat to mock the fuck out of Asians for ages.

But seriously, white hipsters — you look like complete tools when you wear them, not ‘worldly’, and especially so when you’re wearing them in the city as some sort of ‘I’m so multicultural’ fashion statement. And you look like even more of a jackass if it’s supposed to be ‘funny’ in a ‘Haha, I look like one of those backwards Asians, and I’m going to ironically joke about how they would call this a “lice paddy hat”, but I’m totally not racist’ way.

Also, you know you can get them in Chinatown (not American Apparel) for less than a dollar each or thereabouts, right? You could probably get 50 of those things for the price you pay for one, and the straw version will do the exact same shit as your fancy ‘cell foam construction’ hat. Look who’s laughing now!

You know what’s also true is that it’s not just white hipsters who do this, am I right? POCs aren’t immune from shitting on each other. Just wanted to point that out in addition.

I have been thinking a long time about how to reply to this bullshit of a whitesplaining and derailing post, and I am still shaking with rage right now even hours later. And I don’t care anymore if you’re going to get upset about being called out your racism and white privilege, and I am not going to educate you, because I am done with you and I am finally going to say what I’ve wanted to say for ages. This is the last fucking straw in a long string of racist shit you have pulled, and I am not biting my tongue because it hurts your feelings. You should have thought about that before you went and hurt me when I was already hurting from racism.

You come into what was a deeply personal post, despite my sarcasm, that I wrote after being hurt by racism that is perpetuated by white people both online and IRL, and you, a white person, have the fucking nerve to derail what I, a POC, wrote to deflect the focus away from racist white people — and as a supposed social justice activist who is anti-racist, you should damn well know who has power and privilege when it come to race — and make it all about white people’s feelings and downplay the responsibility they hold in perpetuating this shit.

And then you have even more fucking nerve to patronisingly tell me, a POC whom you know to be deeply into anti-racism, all about intra-POC racism and prejudice — which is ultimately rooted in white supremacy and how it’s internalised — as if you think I’m too ignorant as a POC to be aware that it exists and I need some educated white liberal to lecture me about it. And you use intra-POC racism to DOWNPLAY THE RACISM PERPETUATED BY WHITE PEOPLE and act as if POC ARE THE REAL PROBLEM. You don’t know shit about intra-POC racism, or you’d know it doesn’t hold the same power as racism perpetuated by white people, and you’d also know that pitting POC against each other to deflect attention away from white supremacy is racist. You, a white person, also do not get to tell me, a POC, how I should feel about other POC being prejudiced against me. Stop policing POC and forcing yourself into our discussions when you should shut up, listen, and learn instead — that shit does NOT make you a good white ally, it makes you an asshole.

I fucking bit my tongue when I spoke up about my right to be angry about racist portrayals of POC written by white people and you said I had a point, but that I need to calm down because it would upset you and other white people, and that is was my responsibility to educate them when that shit happens. I fucking bit my tongue when you had the gall to compare white South Africans to African-Americans and pull a fucking fallacious flip there regarding privilege and racism. I fucking bit my tongue when you lectured an Asian POC about an anti-Asian slur she chose to reclaim. I fucking bit my tongue when I told you that you had no right to police Black people on their use of the N-word, and you just didn’t care because your feelings as a white person were most important of all.

You talk a good game about how white people need to check their privilege and listen to POC, but then you go off and do shit like this where a POC wrote personally about racism, and instead of calling out the white racists, you fucking defend them and turn on POC instead. FUCK YOU. You are NOT a white ally, and you don’t know shit about anti-racism. Get the FUCK out of my life. Go cry to your friends about how dare I call you racist when you can’t be racist as a liberal, feminist, and anarchist who knows racism is wrong, even though YOU were the one who shit your white privilege all over me and other POC when I was already hurting from racism. You need to learn that being a white ally and anti-racist means having to confront your own mistakes and own up to them, not just tittering at other white people being racist — and until you do that, I want nothing to do with you ever again.

WOW you have the patience of like, GOD, hon. half of this shit woulda had this bitch sent off to the corner in a minnit

xanthophiliac- you are awesome. wow. <3

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