Palestine Takes Over Rockefeller Center - Occupation on Ice

From Existence is Resistance:

In protest against Rockefeller Center putting up every flag at it’s center except the Palestinian flag, Existence is Resistance organized it’s 2nd annual Occupation on Ice.

The activist where split up with some skating on the ice and raising the Palestinian flag at a precise moment with those all around the center.  Palestinian flags were in full display on the skating rink and all around Rockefeller Center.  Many tourist cheered the action and were supportive.

The NYPD came and demanded that we put our flags down and leave, they said no flags were allowed but we said Rockefeller Center is filled with flags.  We are simply asking them to include the Palestinian flag amongst the flags of the world.  After some questioning and checking our id’s we were let go.

Photos courtesy of Bud Korotzer of DesertPeace.