When you’re a racist, you’re not going to have a feliz navidad.


When you’re a racist, you’re not going to have a feliz navidad.

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Your Daily Spanish Lesson


  • Harto/a (adjective) = Fed up, full, a lot, tired.


  • ¡Estoy harta de la política americana! = I am fed up with American politics!

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A Tumblr blogger's "Rant about Mexicans."


Hey, Tumblr community, meet one of your neighbors…


They come into our country and take over our language. ESL? English is a SECOND language? Hell no. English is the FIRST language of America. If American’s went to Mexico, they would throw a pissy fit if we tried taking over Spanish with English. Why would we let you guys into our free country just so you can fuck it up again? America is full of dumb bitches being fucked up the ass. Some free country, I can’t even voice my own opinion at my school without being threatened to “get jumped”. Go to LA, those are real gangs. Not pussy ones in Salem, Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, not all Mexicans are like this. The majority of them are, though. I don’t care if you call me racist because everyone knows I am. I give props to the smart Mexicans, the non-“gang-bangers”, and so on, too, though. I’m fine if you speak it at your house or something but you shouldn’t be speaking it because you don’t know English. K. Have common sense.
Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t think Americans are any better. Take a look at this post for instance, it’s so horrible, intolerant, and racist. Every race has their flaw, no matter what.

You know it’s going to be good when a post it titled “rant about Mexicans.”

Another gross phenomenon besides the “I’m not racist but…” - the young, proud racist white girl. They’re all over Tumblr.




So can we all stop and look at this post for a second? And consider how fucking racist and ridiculous it is?

I’m not sure if you all understand but the purpose of a social networking community is to be able to connect on a global level. A GLOBAL LEVEL. This means you are connecting with people outside of your nation. Other countries do not speak English. English is not a primary language for most of the world, sorry to say. 

To even consider that you think that by speaking English, you are priveleged, or ‘better than anyone else’ to the point where you condemn people for speaking another language is sick to me. If anything, the ability to speak in different languages marks a very culturally diverse and amazing person. I am not saying one language is better than the other because none of them are, they are cultural entities that mark a person, that allow for expression, a basic utility of not just the human race, but for all living beings. And for you to say  think that English is better than another language not only means that you are ignorant of the world and other societies, but that you believe that those who speak another language are some sort of ‘lower beings’ that obviously are not ~special~ enough to learn English. 

This is sick, basic, and disgusting and if you have reblogged this then you should be ashamed of yourselves.


You know, just in case I haven’t made this ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to all my followers by this now, SPANISH IS MY FIRST LANGUAGE. If you haven’t seen a single post by me in Spanish, or seen me use it at all outside of quoting phrases or simple terms, it’s because the Internet is overwhelmingly geared towards the use of English, even among foreign speakers. This can be supremely alienating and has the effect of barring non-speakers from many places online. That is why the implementation of foreign languages in huge blogging platforms like Tumblr, on indeed on any website at all that wants any claim to having a truly global reach, is essential.

Sorry to those assholes who so disgustingly believe themselves to be superior to all other peoples of the world. No, actually, what I mean is FUCK YOU.

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