Straight privilege is saying that all non-straight people should be fine with homophobic slurs and jokes because you found one non-straight person who says they weren’t bothered by that incident.


Straight privilege is thinking there’s no point to including other sexualities unless it’s to make a statement - “why’d they use a gay couple for that advert? There’s no point, it’s not about being gay. Using a straight couple would’ve worked just fine, why bother?”

The Situation


I want to know if I am correct about this.

So, its correct to say that 

-whites have privilege over POC

-straight people have privilege over homosexuals/gays/queers/trans

-and men have privilege over women

Because being straight white and male is usually a fucking positive in society.

So, I have privilege that gays do not have.

I can get married.

I can be completely open about my relationships with men. Because its considered normal. 

When I go to movie theaters or watch TV, most of the shows are about straight relationships and straight families with straight people.

And if there are homosexuals in those shows, they are usually heavily stereotyped.

SO! If I am correct, the situation is—-me, myself—-I understand that there are things about homosexuals that I know NOTHING ABOUT. That I dont understand and that I may be shocked to find out. 

I understand that homosexuals experience things that I could not even fathom, because I am not gay.

Now I have two choices.

1. I can learn and listen and be understanding, supportive and caring about Gay Rights.


2. I can freak out and call every homosexual I know a heterophobic asshole for calling me a BREEDER. Because thats discriminating against me being straight. I cant help being straight. I never CHOSE this lifestyle.

Now, lets take this situation, and assess how incredibly pathetic and hilarious #2 is.

(Source: colormeradical)