Stupid white individuals…………..STFU


December 31, 2011:

Unless you lack basic reading comprehension, you should be able to immediately get that I’m not about to fuss about white people in general or as a whole.  Just the dumbasses, and this is specific to them, because non-white people will get what I’m about to say (except the ignorant white-identifying white supremacist non-white people, and don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, because I KNOW everyone can think of at least ONE non-white person like that).  Got it?  Good.

Stupid white individuals, I need you to STFU.  Have a seat.  Have a whole row of seats, a whole stadium of seats.  But STFU and sit yourselves down somewhere.

Stop asking stupid questions that just reveal your ignorance, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

“How come [insert racial/ethnic group] get their own channel/magazine/website/store aisle/schools/businesses/whatever?”

Stupid white individuals, that you even feel the need to ask, to THINK such nonsense, shows how stupid and racist and ignorant you are, and yes you ARE stupid and racist and ignorant and I hope I DO offend you, because IDGAF about what stupid people think, especially those who don’t mind white supremacy being imposed on everyone on the damn planet, then getting offended when non-white people create spaces for themselves in which they can be comfortable and feel safe and breathe and just be themselves without you morons judging everything about them.

Stupid white individuals, STFU and get over yourselves.  Everything is NOT about you, doesn’t HAVE to be about you, and should NOT be about you.  But it is, because you racist fools make it so.

Stupid white individuals, it wouldn’t hurt you in the least to get your heads out your butts and at least try to think from another point of view, the way non-white people are constantly forced daily.

Stupid white individuals, how can you even get offended?  You have no business getting offended, and your offense is offensive.  As well as racist and OPPRESSIVE AS HELL.

Stupid white individuals, do you not realize that NOBODY LIKES YOU?  NO ONE LIKES YOU, except other stupid white individuals.  The white people who ARE decent don’t like you.  You embarrass them and make them look bad.  Non-white people CERTAINLY don’t like you.  At all.  Why should they?  You don’t deserve to be liked, you don’t even deserve respect, though you piss and moan and whine and scream and yell and kick and fight and attack and oppress and force it out of others.

Stupid white individuals, YOU SUCK.

Why do non-white people have their own websites?  Simple.  Morons like you snub them, talk down to them, belittle them, ignore them, ridicule them, make fun of them, degrade them, dehumanize them, demoralize them, interrupt them, dismiss them, stereotype them, caricature them, then you fools go out of your way to specify you DON’T want anything to do with them.  Yet you stupid white individuals have no problem stealing from them, whether it’s culture, language, food, recipes, whatever.  All while you stupid white individuals ‘conveniently’ ‘forget’ to give credit where credit is due, and you act like you made it up.

Why do non-white people have their own channels?  Simple.  Morons like you only ever want to show and portray yourselves.  You act as if you are the default humans, you ‘Other’ everyone else, and newsflash, no one but yourselves wants to look at you nonstop all day everyday.  When you DO include non-white people, it’s only ever in the context of yourselves.  You make non-white people one-dimensional when you portray them.  You make them into side kicks and support for yourselves to glorify yourselves and make yourselves look better.  You even like to claim that every light skinned character in a cartoon or anime is white (WTF?!)  .You convince yourselves that only YOU are desirable enough to be seen, even though it’s been proven time and time again that non-white people are just as marketable as yourselves.  You’d rather show mythical creatures and people with unnatural skin colors like blue and green and lavender than to show non-white people, and don’t think non-white people haven’t noticed.  They notice and see it everyday.  You just CAN’T STAND the idea that the universe didn’t come out your asses.

Why do non-white people have their own magazines?  Simple.  They don’t see themselves enough in YOURS.  Stupid white individuals, you see yourselves everywhere at all times, but for non-white people, it’s a case of ‘Spot the person of color’ in a sea of whiteness.

Why do non-white people have their own schools?  Simple.  You stupid white individuals wouldn’t let them into yours, and when you begrudgingly did, only after other white people with more sense than you made you do it, you gave non-white people a hard time, gave them inferior supplies, didn’t bother trying to teach them at all (but then had the nerve to call non-white students dumb, imagine that), harassed them, threatened them, sometimes killed them, disciplined them more, made it harder for them to succeed, etc. 

Why do non-white people have their own businesses and scholarships?  Simple.  You stupid white individuals wouldn’t hire them, would only give promotions to other white people, and made it insanely expensive to attend school for many non-white people, but you still couldn’t keep enough of them from succeeding and excelling and doing better than yourselves.  Every time you’ve put a hurdle in place, they eventually jump over it, and it freaks you out.  Stupid white individuals, why do you hate competition?  Why are you so intimidated by anyone but yourselves?  Is that why you slander non-white people, choose to portray them negatively, create bullshit laws that target them, are so quick to punish them for the slightest things, and brainwash them into idolizing you?

Let’s not even go into the history of what stupid white individuals have done all over the world, how many lives and cultures and histories have been destroyed and lost forever because of stupid white individuals.

Stupid white individuals, non-white people create spaces for themselves because YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO EXIST IN YOURS. 

But you STILL have the nerve to ask why people create spaces for themselves even though YOU ARE EVERYWHERE, stupid white individuals?  REALLY?

Stupid white individuals, EVERYONE ELSE IS SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT.  Even other white people think you’re moronic dumbass idiots. 

Anytime one of you asks a stupid question of why a group of people have something for themselves, everyone else is rolling their eyes at you.

Do the world a favor and don’t have kids.