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whoa calm down everyone

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but it’s not the free ride people think it is.


community service is required, job search is required, for some services, a JOB is required. unless you have a proven disability, there’s no way out of it, and if you’re like some people, you may not have ever even sought help for yourself except at the bottom of a bottle. you might have been in denial about needing help at all, and so when the time came to check the box that asks “are you or anyone in your household disabled?”  you’d check “no,” and you’d be stuck with a pittance of a check until they realized you couldn’t do the things they ask you to do. and then you’re cut off.

and for those who can fufill the requirements, it’s not so bad. but even then, let’s be honest, the welfare system asks a lot of people who are asking for help.

how much money do you have. do you have a car. how old is the car, what’s its BB value. how many people in your household. are they pregnant, if so, how far along. who’s the father, where’s he live, no, we need a name so we can get all his info, too. that way we can collect child support for you. you’ll only get $50 of that, but at least he’ll be paying. yeah, i know, he’ll probably be paying closer to $600. you still get $50.

oh, yeah, we need SScards for everyone, k? birth certs, too. mailing address? can you prove it? copy of your lease. statement from your landlord. do you pay electricity? gas? phone? prove it. nope, open the bills when you bring them, doesn’t matter if we can see the date and address on the outside, we need to know how much electric and gas you use. never mind why, that’s not important. do you have bank statements. no no, we need a statement to show your banking activity.

how much cash do you have on hand? how much? $200? okay that’s fine, but that brings you over the acceptable amount of cash and bank accounts, you have to get rid of that. spend it. bring receipts to show what you spent it on.

then you have to sell your car. can’t have you driving around. if you really needed help, you would be willing to sell that. we’re looking for complete desperation here, you’re not really fitting the description. what do you mean you need that car? driving kids to school? looking for jobs? pfft, if you can do that, you don’t need us. nope, sell it. wait, you have a 401k? saving for retirement? if you have retirement money, you have assets. your application is void until that money is gone. ooh, an IRA? look at you trying to be fiscally responsible, that’s so cute. nope. close it. i know there’s a penalty. we don’t care. close it. oh, and bring some receipts, would you? we need to know you actually spent that money and that you’re not just sitting on it.

yup, every penny.

and once you do that, we’ll get back to you in 30-90 days.

yeah. everyone wants to go through that every six months. it’s fun and enjoyable, you see?

and then standing in line to buy anything. ANYTHING. lots of stores accept the EBT card for transactions these days, and they don’t just deposit food stamps anymore, your cash benefits go on there, too.

you damn sure can walk into Popeye’s and use your EBT card to get a 3pc. McDonald’s? yeah, some of them. and if that’s what you want, what you can afford, go ahead, do the damn thing! but hide it, cover the card with your hand when you swipe it. people will be over your shoulder to make sure that’s not what you used, because obviously anyone who has food stamps should be eating at the soup kitchen. and everyone in line behind you is judging you, some of them not even silently. 

never hang too long near the steak when paying with EBT benefits. obviously shouldn’t be buying that. never mind that your oldest son just graduated college and is coming home. oh, your middle daughter is turning 16? no cake and ice cream for her. in fact, you should be in the Approved Welfare Foods aisle. don’t leave that area until the cart is full. anything else in there will be subject to inspection by every other customer, employee and manager in the store to make sure you aren’t wasting taxpayer dollars on healthy foods, so they can look down your noses at you if you are.

i see you, over there taking the bus. it’s only 7 stops, you should be walking. you don’t have money for that. oh, it’s your last pocket change? okay then. just make sure it’s some crumpled, over-folded bills and some change that you can drop, so that everyone can see how destitute you really are.

wait, didn’t you say you sold your car? what are you driving? sure, you say it’s a friend’s car. your mom’s car? why didn’t you just go live with her? i’m sure she could squeeze your 5 person family into her 2 bedroom apartment, you should get on that, otherwise, you can’t possibly need assistance.

um, excuse me, how come your child appears to be wearing Nikes? shouldn’t she have some Airwalk from Payless on her feet? how can you afford that! Dooney & Burke bag? Gucci sneakers? better head to Target and grab those Converse One Stars and a Merona purse. it was a gift? please, no one gave you that for Christmas, you’re a liar, you don’t need help. besides, it’s already February, that stuff should look worn down by now, but it’s so clean! you’re so clean! i thought for sure you’d be like, conserving soap or something. and you had time to get you and your daughter’s hair done, too. and hey, where are the little ones? i know you had some… NEGLECT! wait what? how can you afford day care? after school programs? this is unconscionable. i don’t know where this comes from, but i’m reporting you for fraud.

that is what that welfare life is like. that’s what it’s actually like to be on assistance. 

no one wants to go through that unless they have to.

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white people are obsessed with the n word and racial slurs in general

look at how hard they fight to use words like n***a/er, ch**k, sand n***er/a, etc.

but ohLORD if you a call them a cracker it’s like hell froze over and the sky is raining white tears

i love you.

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guys, as trans-ethnic white american



i am offended by all these cracker posts
why are you all being so reverse racist?
that isn’t very kawaii of you.
i mean, we all bleed red inside so why should race /matter/ like that.
you’re all just being a bunch of ignorant niggers :(
/eats a mayonnaise sandwich

lmao i love you.

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erikawithac: stfuconservatives:

I believe what you are indicating is that you were unable to find a “low cost” policy due to your preexisting condition (like myself) yet now that we have a law that tells the rest of the nation to subsidize your costs so that you can absorb a disproportional amount of health care services without having to pay a disproportional amount of money. I do like your thinking, In fact at dinner tonight I will order two steaks & make the young couple eating hamburger pay more, you know cuz it’sonly fair - meatstuff

No. I tried to buy an insurance policy after I graduated from college, and every company denied me because of preexisting conditions. I mean I could not buy health insurance. At any price. That is what I am indicating. Also, I have a full-time job with health insurance, so I’m not asking you or anyone else to subsidize my costs at this point. Oh, well, except for my coworkers and the insurance company. Because that’s how insurance works. A large group of people pay into it, and some people will need more services and some people will need less, but they’ll all pay the same premiums.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare. It’s not “fair” that some people are born with congenital heart defects and diabetes and cancer and mental illness. It’s not “fair” that some of us have to deal with those things for our whole lives and have to worry about going bankrupt to pay for it. If you really think having to buy insurance is unfair, try being sick and uninsured for a little while.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

“Fair” doesn’t exist when it comes to healthcare.

I refuse to live in a world where we don’t fight tooth and nail to make sure no one DIES from being fucking POOR and UNLUCKY. I just straight-up refuse.

we have a law that tells the rest of the nation to subsidize your costs so that you can absorb a disproportional amount of health care services without having to pay a disproportional amount of money” — if you don’t realize that this is the ENTIRE premise of ALL insurance policies, you have the intellect of a fucking armchair and have no business opening your mouth to talk about national healthcare policy EVER

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DIY: Lipstick for Every Day of the Week


Today I found a recipe online for do-it-yourself lipstick made from crayons, so Katy and I decided to try making some. I’ve been coveting lipsticks in cool and unusual colors, and using crayons lets you easily make almost any color imaginable without having to figure out pigments or dyes. The recipe is really simple and it only took a few minutes to make each lipstick. Almost all the ingredients can be found in a drug store (although you might have to look in a health food store for shea butter) and some of the stuff you might already have at home, like crayons and oil (we substituted olive oil for jojoba oil since we already had some on hand). We had a hard time finding zinc oxide until we learned that it’s used to treat diaper rash and sometimes poison ivy—so look in the baby care isle or with other first-aid ointments. Everything should be pretty inexpensive, except for the shea butter which cost us $11 for a jar. However, even a small jar is enough to yield dozens of different lipsticks so it’s definitely worth it.

The crayons we picked were Crayola Metallic FX, which have a really nice fine silver glitter in them. We followed the basic recipe but added Vitamin E and zinc oxide ointment. We also bought a couple of small baking tins for less than $2 which made it easy to melt our ingredients together.

The best part of this project was the containers we used: day-of-the-week pill storage containers. They cost less than a dollar, are just the right size for the amount of lipstick the recipe makes, come in different colors, and are a really cute way to hold a bunch of different colors. They look awesome and are the perfect way to store your new lipsticks. We both thought these would make a good gift, too.

Here’s myself and Katy lookin fine in our new lipstick:



(Lipstick recipe credit to belsey)

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Racism only exists in the eyes of the ignorant.  Don’t people realize that Ghandi Mohandas put an end to rascism in America in the early part of the 18th century?  Obviously not since professors keep qouting him.  I don’t mean to sound holier than thou, but sometimes i think I have a better handle on the cultural constructions of the modern world.

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They turned Nana into an anime? WHY HAVEN’T I KNOWN ABOUT THIS

Because it wasn’t as good as the anime.

Also the Parakiss anime was really disappointing. 


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It blows my mind that people think they can say “I’m not a racist” and think it makes their statement not racist.


I know everyone has said this already, but SNL is spoofing Rush Limbaugh and it’s like. The spoof is less offensive than the shit he actually says.

People you will meet in discussions about sexism on the internet:

  • Mr “Welcome to the real world”. Sexism happens. Always has, always will. Might as well suck it up and deal with it. Try to change society? What are you, mad? I don’t like it either, sunshine, but just be good and don’t make a fuss.
  • Mr “Oh my god calm down it was a joke”. Everyone knows if you tack “lol” onto the end of a sentence, no one can get mad at you because you were being hilarious, and if anyone gets offended they’re being an uptight prick. You truly are the George Carlin of our time.
  • Miss Validator. “I’m a girl, and I think this is HILARIOUS. Calm down feminists!” Watch as everyone in the thread uses her as yet another reason why you are stupid and oversensitive and they are hilarious and right. May also “apologise for her gender” in a cosmic blast of internalised misogyny.
  • Mr “I refuse to believe this happens”. He would never cat call or rape and isn’t sexist at all and thinks gender roles are outmoded. Therefore, he thinks, everyone else thinks just like me too. Can’t line up women’s experiences of sexism with his own worldview, so dismisses everything they say, demanding “proof”. Sees no irony in this.
  • Mr “actually you’ve got this the wrong way round”. Silly you! This is looks, feels, smells and tastes like misogyny but is actually misandry. Don’t worry, easy mistake to make, anyone could have done it. Just don’t say I’m wrong or I’ll link you to pages explaining why you have female privilege and call you an ignorant bitch. 
  • Mr EvoPsych! Has never studied this but has skimmed some articles and therefore can explain every facet of how human behaviour works. And why it’s just best and most natural for everyone to stick to their traditional gender roles. Because that’s how we did it in 10000bc. Women and men are just different, that’s why you’re not as smart as him.
  • Mr *totally unrelated point*. Seriously dude, how did you even get here. Seems to be having a totally different discussion than the one you’re having, then whines that you aren’t addressing his points.
  • Mr “I’m so not the problem here. Hello ladies.” Ugh, photoshopping is TERRIBLE, fashion is STUPID and I tell my girlfriend not to wear makeup because makeup is GROSS. I like small boobs - take that societal norms! You don’t have to have plastic surgery anymore, girls, because I like’em small. Stop dieting! I like a woman with meat on her bones. Read Proust! I like a lady who’s well-read. I don’t understand why you would want an item of clothing that cost more than £50 - you don’t need that to attract me, madam. What do you mean, you like wearing eyeliner and don’t dress yourself solely for my benefit? I told you I don’t like high heels! STOP DOING THINGS I DON’T LIKE!

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Did you know?


White American males constitute only 33% of the population. Yet, they occupy approximately:

  • 80% of tenured positions in higher education
  • 80% of the House of Representatives
  • 80-85% of the U.S. Senate
  • 92%of Forbes 400 executive CEO-level positions
  • 90% of athletic team owners
  • 97.7% of U.S. presidents

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Me when I find the TARDIS:


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