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Packing is a bit of a process. I personally can’t afford medical glue & don’t like it. I also don’t like to wear a harness, even a relatively light one. This increases my dysphoria and adds an extra step to my morning routine. I wish I could pack all the time because it feels right and gives me a sense of security. However, I don’t pack every day because the actual process can actually make my dysphoria worse.

For situations where I have wanted/needed to pack, I have found a short term solution to this problem: I wear briefs/boxer briefs, slide my packer into the front flap, and pin the fabric down on both sides to hold it in. This is easy because there is no additional harness involved and the packer will sit pretty naturally where it is supposed to without falling out. Under a pair of pants, it looks totally normal and feels natural. This is great for everyday wear and low-risk situations. I wouldn’t do this if I were in a setting where for whatever reason the pants were coming off or someone was going to explore down there. The safety pins are visible on your underwear (unless you want to take extra time to hide them) and outline your junk in a way that’s unnatural for underwear.

I use this method frequently as it works great, it’s easy and cheap, and there’s no harness involved. It’s really nice to JUST wear your underwear but still feel your dick against your leg. It’s great for everyday situations. Results will very depending on your packer size, but I’ve tested mine in jeans, khakis, tighter dress pants, and running shorts.  

Another way, which is how I do, does involve some layering.  I tend to go briefs/short boxer briefs, and then a jockstrap over that.  I put the packer into the jockstrap.  It lets it hang neatly without the risk of it getting sweaty from being right against my skin (I had a packer that started to rot, actually, because even if I washed it every day, wearing it against my skin was ruining the silicon).  Then, over the jockstrap, I wear another pair of boxer briefs/boxers.

My current packer is a little on the larger size, but even in skinny jeans, it sits nicely and gives enough definition without being outrageous.

I have plans to make a modified jockstrap/packing underwear, because I hate having to layer like that but like the added layer of fabric between my packer and my body to avoid the sweaty grossness at the end of the day.

I thought this would be about packing a suitcase and in that situation I have some advice, but actually this seems like it would be really useful?

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Straight people apparently aren’t invited to the party.

Even Google fucking gets it.

*fistbumps Google*





Straight people apparently aren’t invited to the party.

Even Google fucking gets it.

*fistbumps Google*

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The Situation


I want to know if I am correct about this.

So, its correct to say that 

-whites have privilege over POC

-straight people have privilege over homosexuals/gays/queers/trans

-and men have privilege over women

Because being straight white and male is usually a fucking positive in society.

So, I have privilege that gays do not have.

I can get married.

I can be completely open about my relationships with men. Because its considered normal. 

When I go to movie theaters or watch TV, most of the shows are about straight relationships and straight families with straight people.

And if there are homosexuals in those shows, they are usually heavily stereotyped.

SO! If I am correct, the situation is—-me, myself—-I understand that there are things about homosexuals that I know NOTHING ABOUT. That I dont understand and that I may be shocked to find out. 

I understand that homosexuals experience things that I could not even fathom, because I am not gay.

Now I have two choices.

1. I can learn and listen and be understanding, supportive and caring about Gay Rights.


2. I can freak out and call every homosexual I know a heterophobic asshole for calling me a BREEDER. Because thats discriminating against me being straight. I cant help being straight. I never CHOSE this lifestyle.

Now, lets take this situation, and assess how incredibly pathetic and hilarious #2 is.

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The clock is ticking-If you have not already filled in an electronic or paper response to the equal marriage consultation then please do so! Please either:

Fill in the respondents information for a letter to the Scottish Government. Clicking here will take you to the letter.


Complete the consultation form. Clicking here will take you to the consultation form

Please help! There is only a couple of days left, and there has been a large negative response that have made themselves heard. We need your help. Please reblog once you’ve filled in a form if you can too.

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