Dear white vegans:







Now I don’t have to base this on what if’s anymore- veggies on reservations are FUCKING EXPENSIVE.

Thanks so so much to nishnabin for these photos.

So there you go. Now you can see proof that not everyone can afford to be vegan.

Oh and fuck white vegans.

This is a post in response to this asshole who said that if you’re a feminist but not a vegan, you’re fucking up.

Urgh. This post disgusts me. Blatant racism, and the derogatory manner is disgusting. Also if you’re a feminism and not vegan, you’re not doing it right. How is it promoting females rights, by funding industries which rape and torture women? It’s not feminist to be non vegan. Being vegan ISN’T expensive. There’s always a way. It’s not a privilege to be vegan. In my most broke times, i’ve eaten soup and rice and beans just to keep going, because i had less than £5 a week to spend on food. Don’t go to expensive supermarkets, don’t buy faux meats if you can’t afford it, make your own non dairy milks (very easy) or take your tea black like i often do! 

Don’t you DARE bitch on the internet about people being racist, then start a post titled “dear white vegans”.


that awkward moment when people are too ignorant to give me a real answer, so racially profile me on the colour of my skin…alllll whilst having “I blog about fandoms, racism, sexism, social justice, the internet, Paganism, Islam, and many other things. This is my personal blog” in their about on their blog.

God, this planet harbors some dumb dumb DUMB people.

I always wonder what veganism has to do with race… as if a black person is automatically poor and the white person is always rich, and therefore only white people can be vegans, because black people are obviously poor. Interesting logic. So you’re saying you’re against racism dear “gods-save-anonymous”and seriously trying to make this point? And you’re not even willing to discuss it further? That’s what I call being ignorant. And no, you can’t be a real feminist if you’re not vegan, because you only extend your compassion to humans and forget about the rest of the females in this world.

Where did I say I was unwilling to discuss it further?

Where did I say these things?

Please tell me.

Dear White Vegans: Saying “I’ve been able to eat Vegan on $5 a week” is not a relevant argument when you can see that the cucumbers cost $5 EACH.

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